If you want me to wear your clothing, don’t photoshop my wonderful hourglass body shape as if it’s is unacceptable."

Marina Diamandis — formerly known by her stage name Marina and the Diamonds — has called out a fashion designer for digitally retouching her legs to look like “sticks” after she wore one of the label’s dresses to an awards ceremony.

The Welsh singer took to social media to speak out against the fashion brand, which she did not name.

She described the act as “internalised misogyny in full action” and called for fellow designers to “do better”.

Fans soon began speculating which designer was behind the scandal – knowing only that they were female – with some believing it to be Greek couturier Celia Kritharioti.

Back in December, Diamandis wore one of the designer’s sheer ruffled jumpsuits to the British Fashion Awards.

Amid the speculation, the singer simply retweeted one of her fan’s responses to the criticism, explaining that it isn’t about the designer’s identity but “the need to Photoshop another woman’s body to fit a certain mould.”

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