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As Sales Of Engagement Rings Rise During Lockdown, Here's A Guide On How To Measure Your Ring Size At Home

Whether you're buying for you or for a forever love, here's how you can go about sizing without the use of contraptions. 

Could you be having an at-home proposal soon? 

While many proposal plans might have been scuppered by self-isolation - no romantic dinner in a fancy restaurant, no tracing ‘Will You Marry Me?’ in the first sandy beach you visited as a couple, no public proposals (although that might not be a bad thing) - it hasn’t put a stop to the question being asked altogether.

Speaking to Grazia, Shaun Leane, a British jewellery designer has seen a significant spike in engagement ring requests since quarantine started. "We have seen a surge,’ says Leane, "Around 85% of our bespoke is currently engagement rings - usually it’s around 60%."And although face-to-face consultations are out of the question, the jeweller, like so many of us, is relying on Zoom. 

In this relatively new era of shopping almost everything online, having your ring size readily available is something that can come in quite handy in times of spending. 

But how to find out your ring size without making tracks to a jeweller? Simple. 

Raphaele Canot, a former designer at De Beers and Cartier, told GLAMOUR that there is a way to measure perfectly without leaving the couch. 

"For measuring your ring size at home, do it the French way and measure in millimetres."

"Cut a thin strip of white paper, about 60mm long, and curl it over your finger. Mark the point where the two ends of the stripe meet and cut to size. Measure the total length and look for international conversion size charts online."

As well as this, there are a plethora of apps on both the iTunes App Store and Android for free.

The premise is that you place your ring onto a circle on the app, and then pinch the circle until it fills and aligns with your ring, but doesn’t peep through on the edges, meaning you have captured the ring size accurately.

You can then take the ring off, screenshot this (or export if the app has that function), take into a jeweller, and voila. Any potential rings can be tested for size on this circle.

Free apps include Ring Sizer, Gemporia Ring Sizer or Ring Sizer from Jason Withers, which all do the job. Make sure you opt for one with a coloured circle so it's easy to see when it spills over the edge.

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