Indecisiveness, But Make It Fashion

There's a new hemline in town...

Can never decide between mini or maxi? Let us introduce you to the midaxi...

While you may be well acquitted and probably bored with well-established hemlines like the midi, maxi and mini, allow us to introduce you to the midaxi. 

As the name suggests, this new length picks up right where the maxi, and midi left off...just above the ankle and an inch lower than the mid-calf. It's a look that is currently dominating both the runways and high street stores. 

For autumn/winter 2019 (yes, we know we haven't had summer yet...), Alexander McQueen brought us midaxi hemlines via luxe knitwear while Marc Jacobs played with the trend in the form of a sleek mint gown. 

It didn't take long for this hemline to go from couture to ready to wear as Net-a-Porter reports that sales for midaxi styles have gone up a considerable amount since last year, with top styles including Rotate Birger Christensen’s metallic knit dress and Rixo’s clashing print Martha style and Chloé's patchwork silk skirt.

While it may feel unnecessary to have yet another hemline thrown into the mix, the midaxi fills the shortcomings of a mini and the downfalls of a maxi. But surely that's where the midi comes in? Wrong. A midi skirt often cuts slap bang in the middle of the calf which therefore accentuates the widest part of the leg whereas the midaxi cuts off slightly above the ankle which happens to be the slimmest part of the leg. 

Maxi dresses, no matter how you style, tend to always come across quite formal. The beauty of the midaxi means it's short enough to dress down while long enough to dress up - plus there's the added bonus of being able to showcase your shoes. 

When it comes to styling, category is: simplicity. Worn over vintage tees with clashing trainers for a Scandi-cool look seems to be the casual take on the midaxi hemline trend. Alternatively, it can be paired with anything from mom sandals to thigh high boots. 

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