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If You're Sick of Pink, Good News: Millennials Decided on a New Colour Scheme

Prince would be thrilled.

A sulky teenager inspired hue

For some reason, we feel inclined to label colours and hang on to them for dear life. First, we had millennial pink which has refused to go away - despite many efforts. Then, it was Gen-Z yellow - a colour draped across the bodies of almost every celebrity in sight. Even the June issue of Irish Tatler states that Banana Candy yellow is this Summer's hottest colour. 

And while the sunny hues haven't been as popular with millennials as their blush toned predecessor, it appears that the trendsetting generation - who allegedly spend more money on avocados then they do rent - have finally decided on a new colour scheme: millennial purple. 

Also known as melodramatic purple, the shade is both sad and happy - at the same time. From food to makeup to clothes and interiors, this lilac hue is quickly taking first place as a colour that millennials love. 

With runways and high street stores alike debuting light pastels, deep plums and mauves, purple is now the new 'it' colour. However, for millennials - any old purple won't do. Melodramatic purple, like the name suggests, is a sulky teenager inspired hue - think moody, but sweet.  

Millennial purple replaces the youthful vibes of millennial pink with sophistication and subtlety. While the pink was ideal for your Instagram feed, this chic new purple stands in for sartorial neutrals and shines as a pop of colour for accent pieces. 

For such a soft colour, millennial pink held onto the title of 'it colour' for the past four years. While complimented by rose gold and coral, neither shades came close to knocking pink off its reign. But as evidence suggests, that stubbornly photogenic regnant is ending. 

Whether you call it lilac, lavender, or millennial purple, a pale purple shade is the colour of the summer. 

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