What on Earth is Modest Fashion?

Fashion is often an extension of the cultural conversation, and today there are more options than ever for dressing modestly.

Did you know that a Modest Fashion Week exists?

The modest fashion industry is rapidly-growing movement, gaining pace with international events and supply-hungry consumers. 

Just this week, it was announced that Modest Fashion retailer Verona Collection has hit ASOS – meaning that the term is about to become a lot more relevant to those who have never heard it before. 

So, what is modest fashion?

The term refers to a genre of fashion in which women (primarily) wear clothes that cover the vast majority of their body in a way which satisfies their spiritual and stylistic requirements for reasons of faith, religion or personal preference.

Borne out of religiously-inclined women, it's basically a hybrid of faithfully-appropriate clothing which doesn't compromise on style. 

A relatively new phenomenon in the UK and Ireland – the movement is particularly driven by Muslim women, with the hashtag #modestfashion boasting over 1.7 million hits on Instagram, at time of writing. 

The newly-minted ASOS addition of Verona Collection is an American-based modest fashion brand launched in 2015 by photographer Lisa Vogl and designer Alaa Ammuss, who were struggling to find attractive clothes that were affordable and in line with their beliefs.

The move is a savvy one from ASOS, as modest fashion, and diversity, in general, is having a moment. 

The brand itself has always played blinders when it comes to providing clothing for every type of body, but it is the sheer vastness of their Modest Edit (containing 100-200 items available at any time with the brand promising to refresh and update the edit constantly to reflect the newest trends) that has firmly put the e-retailer on the map for Hijabi women. 

In 2017, London held its first Modest Fashion Week, and brands like Nike and Tommy Hilfiger have started creating and selling hijabs to great success.

Closer to home, headscarves and turbans were just recently permitted for female Muslim members of the Gardaí as part of an increased diversity drive across all public services. 

More and more, diverse fashion choices are hitting catwalks, with this week's fashion month heralded as the most inclusive yet.

As a result, big businesses are now paying increasing attention to modest fashion.

This, in part, has famous faces like Halima Aden to thank – the American model who was the first hijab-wearing person to be signed to the prestigious agency IMG models.

The 21-year-old has since appeared on the covers of various Vogue publications and magazines like Allure, as well as walking the runway for brands like Max Mara and Yeezy – all in modest fashion. 

With the powers-that-be hot on the tails of diversification – not to mention the gaping hole in the market which is set to happily be filled – Verona Collection and ASOS are definitely on to something, and we hope that this is just the start of it. 

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