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The Designer Bags About To Flood Your News Feeds

If I never see another saddlebag again, it'll be too soon.

If it ain't broke...

When it comes to handbags, the styles making the most noise within fashion circles are designs from fashion's past.

What once were collector items only to be kept in a box and stared at occasionally have made their way onto the arm of every fashion it-girl, everywhere. From Dior's iconic saddle bag to Fendi's classic baguette, vintage designer handbags are having a major moment. 

Handbag trends come and go, but every once in a while a design house will create a classic that will stand the test of time.

While there are bags like the Chanel 2.55 that will forever be on trend, social media has been inundated this past year with posts featuring the Dior saddlebag. Many brands and high street stores have tried to create designs to rival the most 'grammable bag of the moment but all have failed, leading Dior to take matters into their own hands.

Allow us to introduce you to the 30 Montaigne aka the new Dior saddlebag.

The bag debuted some weeks ago in Dior stores and online and you can expect the same blanket coverage that the Saddlebag got when it re-launched last July. 

The 30 Montaigne enters the staggering $91 billion global handbag market but with a waiting list that began when the bag was only in prototype stages, all signs are pointing towards the 30 Montaigne bag becoming the new cult bag of summer. 

But it's not just Dior who are rivalling their own iconic bags with new designs, below are the new generation of iconic designer handbags. 


The two-bag approach – a common scene on the daily commute, holdalls full of gym kits, micro-bags full of credit cards, canvas totes full of Tupperware.

But now the design Maison that is Chanel have translated the look into their iconic leather guilted purses. 


If it's not broken, just change it a little.

The desire for the original 'IT' bag has gained so much momentum this past year that Fendi took note by re-issuing the Fendi Baguette, only this time rendered in denim with fluoro stitching and embellishment up to its eyeballs in beading.


Let's face it—the last few years have been dominated by Gucci. 

All the pieces that have been created under Alessandro Michele still stand up as worthwhile investment pieces, but if you're looking for the latest and greatest, you need to know about the flap-and-logo–fronted Arli from the cruise 2019 show.

It comes in a messenger style, a bowling silhouette and as a crossbody meaning there is a style for literally everyone. 

Stella McCartney 

While the micro bag has only reached iconic status over the past few months, but Stella McCartney is here to rival that trend by proving oversized totes are the new fashion 'it' bags of the Summer. Oversized enough to make it fashion, practical enough to make it useful. 

Louis Vuitton 

Louis Vuitton kept their iconic logo but rather than it's iconic luggage, the monogram takes shape in a boardroom-ready briefcase.  


Chloé has a habit of creating cult handbags. It all started in 2005 with the Paddington bag featuring a gold padlock.

Thirteen years later, the accessories department at the French fashion house are not only rivalling their competitors but also themselves as this season there's another new handbag the fashion pack are fighting to get their hands on the Chloé.

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