Grab your sewing needles: it's time to get quilting.

Three's a trend, as they say, so we're going to go ahead and state that patchwork has already been cemented as an emerging spring summer 2019 trend. 

It started with Ralph Lauren (naturally, him being the doyen of NYFW that he is). For his retrospective 50th anniversary show, the beloved designer sent his usual wholesome, patriotic array of tweed, denim, chunky knits, and corduroy parading through Central Park's Bethesda Terrace.

To close the momentous occasion, Lauren fittingly opted to bestow America's Golden Girl, Gigi Hadid, with the honour. At the pivotal 'curtain call moment' of his show, Hadid debuted a handmade patchwork gown which encompassed jewel-toned velvet, brocade, shimmering threads, and even aspects of the star spangled banner. The plunging sweetheart-neckline dress was a veritable timeline of the designer's half-century career; his influences and achievements woven together harmoniously with the American flag.

Image via @RalphLauren

Other models also sashayed in patchwork creations: an intricate ankle-length skirt in the same vein as Hadid's dress was paired with a cosy brown knitted jumper, a fedora, and a low slung wide-buckle waist belt. America's latest Girl Next Door, Kaia Gerber, wore a sumptuous chocolate fur and paisley patchwork cape. Fur outerwear for spring summer? Well, February and March are snow season in the Big Apple, and let's not forget that Lauren cares first and foremost about his own city. 

While Lauren had the American dream firmly in mind, Laura Kim and Fernando Garcia's thoughts were elsewhere. The co-creative directors of Oscar de la Renta were envisioning sojourns and exotic locations while conceptualising their latest output - specifically India, Marrakech, Croatia, and Italy's Lake Como.

From tasseled sarong-style wraps to pajama sets and bags that resembled vintage bird cages, the resulting collection was perfect for any global nomad. Model Indira Scott showcased a floor-length boat-neck maxi dress with a patchwork scarf print. The print was reportedly sourced from an Italian textile mill which archives the late designer's fabrics - bringing Kim and Garcia's round-the-world trip full-circle, back to the brand's roots.

Image via @OscardelaRenta

Patchwork and quilting as a craft came into their own around the year 1976, to celebrate America's bicentennial celebrations. This form of artwork was prevalent in the '70s - when examples of traditional American quilts created over previous decades began to be given pride of place in art museums.

It is fitting, so, that Nicky Zimmermann would look to the 1970s for her latest offering, which had patchwork a'plenty on display. The Australian designer sought inspiration from a twee Seventies soap called Number 96 that aired in her native Sydney during the decade. Her collection was quite a literal reference to the era, with boudoir-ready white and gold robes, waistcoats, hot-pants, and ruffled Bellamy tuxedo shirts.

Zimmermann has already found a gaggle of fans with her babe-friendly 'bougie' version of boho. No doubt, her flirty patchwork paisley dress in muted tones and a matching deep-cut disco shirt will be on the top of their wish lists.

Image via @TaylorHill

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