In major news for fans of affordable fashion brand Primark, the clothing giant has changed its size options from numbered to S, M, L, and will also better service plus and petite shoppers too. 

Primark/Penneys has announced that it will take its size range from 2XS (a UK size 4) to 2XL (a UK size 24).

"We have updated our sizing for a more comfortable fit - we will be grouping sizes into S/M/L etc, rather than 8/10/12, etc.," a representative from the company said.

"The new sizing is trickling into stores now and will be used for a small amount of lingerie plus a large selection of womenswear including jumpers, cardigans, jersey tops, sports tops, casual bottoms, workout apparel, shorts (not denim shorts), light jackets and some swimwear."

The news of better size inclusion has been warmly welcomed on social media.

Now, all that's left is for the fashion mecca to finally appease shoppers by FINALLY offering an online e-commerce site.