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The New Rules of Dressing Well with Kildare Village

The pandemic may have changed the way we shop forever

Deputy Director of Private and Personal Shopping at Kildare Village Clara Halpin writes on what we’ve learned, and how to shop more intelligently for the future you.

“The one thing the pandemic has taught us about shopping? How to buy better. But what does buying better mean? It’s about being considered; really analysing what you’re buying and why you’re buying it. It means thinking about the quality of items; their lifespan, the cost per wear, and if they chime with fashion’s ethical movement.

The Personal Shopping team at Kildare Village senses this new shopping mood every day. Guests are clearing out their wardrobes, and therefore approaching dressing well with clear minds. Decluttering has also revealed the gaps in our wardrobes, and so we are consciously seeking out key pieces that will go the distance.

One of the upsides of the pandemic is that we are placing a real value on that wardrobe real estate. We can see what needs to go, and what’s worth introducing into our collections. Most of our guests want to streamline their wardrobes and to maximise the versatility of each piece they purchase. We all make mistakes, of course, which is where I believe personal shopping shines: it’s an efficient way to re-evaluate your shopping habits and gain new expertise, too.

For those unsure of how to dress now, let these six tips be your primer. 

Personal Shopping Team, Kildare Village


Do you repeatedly gravitate towards the same styles and the same brands? Are you looking to inject change into your wardrobe? Now is the opportune time to widen your shopping scope. Try on a new piece, get to know a new label, and heed advice to experiment with a style not in your usual lexicon. Lockdown living placed many of us in a style rut and yearning for new and exciting fashion. So break the mould: venture to a new boutique, book a personal shopping appointment, and discover what could be different. 


Smart dressing means spending your money where you spend your time. Look at your week: your working hours, downtime, and how often you are likely to attend a social occasion. Carve it up and consider that schedule when you shop. Pre-pandemic, many of our closets were full of dresses with hefty price tags, yet our social calendars were significantly short of the events to match them. Were that money better invested in our smart casual pieces, for example, outfits for weekend strolls wouldn’t have been so challenging to create. 


Encouraging quality over quantity results in long-lasting pieces that you adore in your wardrobe. And, while it makes ethical sense to consider the longevity of items, the realisation should be that shopping smartly, rather than spontaneously, is ultimately more environmentally conscious. Buying cleverly and with intention means less waste. Fashion is also awash with new brands that place sustainability as a priority. Understanding natural fabrics, and consciously approaching your shopping are three sure ways to remain on an ethical path.


A feeling of freedom coupled with the ongoing era of Zoom means that colour has never been more important. It’s an instant energiser; the perfect antidote to those dark hoodies worn when working from home. In a strategic style sense, colour ensures that everything in your wardrobe will go together interchangeably. By first identifying your personal colour palette, you can start to build that hard-working capsule wardrobe.

The Apartment, Personal Shopping, Kildare Village


You may be a different person today than the person you were, and how you felt, eighteen months ago. Aside from how you spend your time, consider what makes you feel good right now. Which pieces of clothing make you smile, give you energy, feel like you? The importance of this, your style personality, cannot be underestimated. Your style personality is part of your personal brand. It influences how others perceive you, and how you perceive yourself. Get to know it, so that you can be honestly and truly yourself in everything that you wear.


We tend to put ourselves in boxes - our size, our hair, our life and so on. The past year and a half have convinced me that those boxes need to be dumped for good. Life is short. Learn what works for you, and seek expertise if you are unsure. No matter who you are, clothes have a transformative quality that can excite, delight and empower the wearer. Personal Styling is a true privilege as every day we witness clients transforming before our eyes. We may not be saving lives, but we are certainly changing them!

The Time is Now 

Kildare Village provides a unique open-air shopping experience, allowing you browse a beautiful collection of boutiques and enjoy al fresco dining options safely. And there’s no better time to plan your visit, as new season collections from the world’s most exciting designers have landed, and brilliant new brands including Pinko have joined the party.

There’s inspiration in the air too, as the Village has commissioned a group of Irish artists to bring colour and life to walls and shopping streets in celebration of this special summer. Better yet, opening hours have been extended, with Kildare Village in full bloom from Sunday to Wednesday 9am to 8pm and Thursday to Saturday 9am to 9pm.

Pre-booking your visit is highly recommended, where you can plan your visit, including booking complimentary parking.

Can’t make the trip? Virtual shopping is now permanently available at Kildare Village. Go to to avail of this new, personalised and super-convenient service. Simply select your favourite brand from the virtual shopping roster, click to contact the boutique, and via WhatsApp, email or video call you can review and select purchases. Your discounted designer finds will then be shipped to you (delivery charges may apply) or prepared for collection from the Village.

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