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Models And Stylists Are Calling On Fashion Designers To Increase Unhealthy Sample Sizes

The move is seen as an effort to address the dangerous standards that models face.

An Instagram account exposing exploitative practices in the modelling industry has launched a petition demanding that designers increase their standard sample size.

Shit Model Management, run by an anonymous model, has long fought to highlight the wrongdoings in the industry by way of sharing stories of discrimination and broadcasting the aftermath on young model's minds.

Single-handedly giving the modelling world – one whose reputation is often linked with jet-setting glamour – a reality check, the account usually chronicles the less than luxurious life of models off camera – but lately, it's turned its attention towards an even darker side of the industry. 

The most recent poll conducted anonymously showed that some 65 per cent of the models who follow the page had an eating disorder as a direct result of modelling expectations.

Another poll answered by 4,019 followers revealed that 84 per cent have been told they must lose weight in order to work as a model.

“0-4, the size that models are being forced to maintain, is not what the models themselves are saying is their own healthy, natural weight,” the petition reads.

“The required measurements of a high fashion model is 32” bust, 24” waist, 34” hip, and height ranging from 5’9”-6’0”. For someone of this tall stature to be these tiny measurements, they must be around 110 pounds,” it continues, pointing out that attaining those measurements in a healthy way is virtually impossible.

The industry standard dictating a zero to four sample size is largely to cut production costs by using less fabric. In addition, a standard model size allows brands to use the same sample size garments across fittings, runway shows and campaigns.

“To ask every single high fashion model to be that same size no matter height, body type, etc. is inhumane,” Shit Model Management raises.

“My proposal for a new standard of sample sizes is a step forward into regulating safety in the modelling industry.”

Find out more on the anonymous Instagram profile here

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