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Doctors Have Issued Warnings Against This Popular Fashion Trend

Comfy now, ankle strain later.

Mothers are always right. 

The fashion industry tends to have a habit of repeating itself.

Between '70s inspired flares, '80s puff shoulders and generally anything ever worn in the '90s, it's safe to say nostalgia is a forever trend. And while the '70s and '80s may creep in and out of style, crop tops, scrunchies and the Steve Madden x Urban Outfitters 90s capsule collection that recently launched, it's evident that the decade of No Doubt, flannel and Spice Girl-high platform soles is the champion of nostalgia. 

Think back to a time when your style icons consisted of Lizzie McGuire, Drew Barrymore and Mary-Kate and Ashley.

What was the one thing each of these fashionistas had in common?

A stretchy sandal with a matching platform. Presumably taking inspiration from these very ladies, Steve Madden is bringing those iconic shoes back in a plethora of colours in collaboration with Urban Outfitters. 

Platform Plague 

But while they may speak to your nostalgia-loving soul and look good on your feed, these '90s-inspired kicks could be more dangerous then they are stylish.

Speaking to the New York Post, Dr Hillary Brenner urged us all to "definitely stay away from this one."

According to Brenner, platform sandals have rigid soles that can throw off your gait and stability leaving you prone to sprained ankles or worse.

She suggests getting your nostalgia kick from more flexible shoes like trainers which have a softer sole allowing you to shift your weight from heel to the ball of your foot as you walk. 

"Nine times out of 10 patients who wear the platform sandals visit my office for an ankle sprain."

Asides from damaging your ankle, wearing platform sandals increase the risk of falling as well as harming other parts of your body. 

What's that they say about fashion? No pain no gain...oh wait, that's gym talk.

Maybe leave '90s platform sandals and their health risk in the past. 

Main image by @rosiemudie on Instagram

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