With the reboot of noughties favourite Queer Eye for the Straight Guy comes the reboot of 'the French tuck'. A fashion technique coined by the show's resident fashion expert, Tan France. (And a technique we are implementing into our wardrobes ASAP.) 

The term 'French tuck' has been defined by Urban Dictionary as: 'The fashion act of tucking only the front of the shirt in the pants.' Unsurprisingly, French girls have been using this technique for years – so ahead they are in the style game – but here is how you can wear the trend day or night. 

The Ultimate French Girl 

An oversized men's shirt that looks like you've raided your other half's wardrobe and a well cut pair of denim jeans is pretty much as classic French as you can get. Wear with buttons open to show off some décolletage, and a simple hair/makeup look and people will think you are a Parisian native. 

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The Casual Drinks

Just because the definition of a French tuck says 'in pants' doesn't mean we can't play with it a bit. Pairing an oversized blouse with a slinky midi-skirt (which are all the rage right now) can make a dressy outfit look more relaxed and cool. Also in this heatwave we can't stand the thought of wearing anything form fitting, so a billowing blouse tucked into a flowy skirt is our choice over a tight dress every time. 

The Day-to-Day 

Wearing an oversized shirt means proportions for your lower half have to be right. Contrast a slim denim mini with something looser on top; let the French tuck cinch you in at just the right point. And – what do you know – this is a match made in casual sartorial heaven. Finished off with some cute flats or trainers and you are set for a day in the city. 

So next time you decide to rob your other half's work shirt or just go into the men's section and buy your own, don't forget the oh-so-Parisienee styling cue that couldn't be simpler.

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