Lusting after the Realisation Par Naomi skirt, but it seems to always be sold out? Lucky for you, the brand has launched three new prints of the skirt and everyone is rushing to buy them all! 

No need to be upset about not getting your hands on the leopard print Naomi skirt because now you have three more prints to choose from! In an Instagram announcement last week, the brand confirmed that three new prints of the skirt would be launched in the coming weeks. 

Young Love, Sid and Flower Power have been released, along with Wild Things, and are available on the Realisation Par website at $180. The sizes range from XXS to XL and they promise to have plenty in stock for those who need to get their hands on a skirt. 

If you still have your heart set on the Wild Things skirt, the brand promise to be getting more in stock but until then why not head over to Zara to see if you can pick up a dupe for only €29.99!

Zara has a dupe for THAT Realisation Par skirt