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Shop Future Wardrobe Collectables With Rejina Pyo

Her capsule collection aims to place importance on the longevity of our wardrobes. 

The Korean-born designer has created an exclusive capsule collection from past seasons to sell on Vestiaire Collective.

Dropping today on our favourite pre-owned fashion site is an exclusive capsule collection, handpicked by Rejina Pyo from her archive's greatest hits.

Each piece has been selected by her, drawing on her favourite pieces from the archives or bestselling styles, and included in the 50 piece-strong, 'Future Collectables' capsule are her cult-status Sylvia bag from Spring/Summer '18, the mood-boosting Jamie dress in a marigold hue and the cornflower blue faux-leather fitted jacket.

Rejina Pyo X Vestiaire Collective

With sustainability at the core of her label, it makes sense that Pyo would team up with Vestiare Collective to launch a capsule collection that aims inspire us to focus less on trends and place importance on the longevity of our wardrobes. 

"The values and ethos of my brand - the idea of creating pieces that I can pass down to my children and creating future vintage - are perfectly aligned with the wonderful message that is at the core of what Vestiaire does," the London-based designer tells Irish Tatler.

"The idea of a circular wardrobe, and being able to buy pre-loved pieces that you can cherish for a second, third or even fourth time is so important, and it’s the opposite of fast fashion." 

Fanny Moizant, Vestiaire Collective's Co-Founder and President, agrees that encouraging resale is a positive step in extending the life cycle of fashion pieces.

"I very much stand by the philosophy; that fashion should be made to treasure and it's exciting to share this approach. We hope this partnership will engage fashion lovers on the benefits of investing in quality pieces that can be archived and passed down to future generations."

Trend-Free Dressing 

Already one of the most-searched brands on Vestiaire Collective, Rejina's approach to design isn't necessarily influenced by trends and as such, her modern, wearable pieces remain relevant season after season. Her regularly used fabrics are of good quality and aren't overly seasonal either.

At a time where the pace of fashion trends has reached new heights, Pyo's brand focuses on building long term relationships and evolving with its wearers over time. 

"Luxury resale is a sustainable model I truly believe in. We encourage our customers to sell on Vestiaire should they wish to eventually part with their pieces and in return, someone new may love them," Pyo tells Irish Tatler.

And while Rejina Pyo's motivation is creating designs the wearer will keep, wear and love for a long time, Vestiare Collective's platform allows fans the brands the chance to snap up their one that got away at a resale price.

"It is such a great resource to find archive pieces you have been coveting for a long-time or exclusive pricing that fits your budget,” expands Pyo. 

Scroll on to see Irish Tatler's selects from the 'Future Collectables' edit on Vestiare Collective now.

Faux-leather jacket, €319, Rejina Pyo X Vestiaire Collective - SHOP 

Maxi skirt, €171, Rejina Pyo X Vestiaire Collective - SHOP 

Linen mid-length dress, €262, Rejina Pyo X Vestiaire Collective - SHOP 

Leather sandals, €285, Rejina Pyo X Vestiaire Collective - SHOP 

Satin polka dot bag, €171,  Rejina Pyo X Vestiaire Collective - SHOP