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Made For The Modern Bride: Rixo Launches A Dedicated Bridal Collection

With the same laid-back, cool approach to occasion-wear that made the brand so popular in the first place.

The modern bride can many things but after a year of repeated lockdowns, changing regulations and micro-nuptials, high on her list of priorities is agile. Luckily, Rixo is here with a bridal collection fit for all nuptials. 

In the days pre-Covid, it was near impossible to attend a wedding and not spot at least one Rixo dress: the colourful prints felt occasion-worthy, the vintage-inspired nodded to a sense of romance, and the sweet-spot price points ticked many guests’ boxes.

Now, the cult Lonon based fashion label is intent on dressing the bride for her 'Big Day' too, with its first bridal range launching today. Almost two years in the works, Rixo Bridal's 26-piece range is "full of vintage-inspired pieces, designed in elevated fabrics cut in classic shapes" and channels the same laid-back, cool approach to occasion-wear that made the brand so popular in the first place.

With a nod to iconic brides such as Bianca Jagger and Priscilla Presley, think sequinned mini numbers, '40s style tea dresses, minimalist slip dresses (made from a  newly developed 100 per cent silk material with minimal crease) and understated separates – all in varying shades of ivory. 

For co-founders Henrietta Rix and Orlagh McCloskey, Rixo Bridal was always going to be true to the brand's contemporary DNA, but the current landscape of planning a wedding against the backdrop of a pandemic has helped highlighted the relevance of their vision. 

Without six-month lead times or only being able to try on dresses in a sample size (which is most often the case in traditional bridal boutiques), this collection of ready to wear, off the peg pieces come in a range of sizes and lengths, so even those who had to abandon original plans with days to go can be aisle-ready. 

The price point too (between €300 and €1,740), allows for the possibility of being open to change (and more change.)

Like they did to so many nuptial plans, Covid-19 restrictions have pressed pause on a dedicated bridal store opening in West London, but agile as the modern bride has to be, Rixo's bridal manager is on hand to host one-on-one Zoom fittings.  

Below, we spoke to Henrietta Rix and Orlagh McCloskey ahead of the launch their inaugural bridal collection...

Weddings in the age of coronavirus have looked different for many reasons, is Rixo hoping to cater to brides who are embracing a new, small-but-stylish approach to their ‘Big Day’?

Henrietta: We designed this collection with all types of weddings in mind, whether that's a traditional big white wedding, or a smaller, more personal celebration, we have a piece for everyone! Creating a diverse collection was a huge focus for us even before the pandemic, we find it really inspiring how no bride or wedding is ever the same. Our debut bridal collection can be translated in so many different ways, we are just so excited to see the future of RIXO brides!

Would you agree that smaller COVID weddings have allowed brides to think outside the box and get a bit creative with what they wear?

Orlagh: Definitely! It's so refreshing to see the different takes on a bride's choice of clothing. This change in circumstances has allowed women to really think about what it is they actually want from their big day, ignoring all the pressures. Our collection ranges from traditional silk dresses to more contemporary tailoring across two-pieces and jumpsuits – we have also introduced sequins and ostrich feather trims, giving our brides the opportunity to add an exciting touch to the more conventional pieces and really have fun with their look!

Do you think you have any iconic brides in mind while designing these dresses?

​Henrietta: We always have inspirational women in mind when designing and for this collection, it was so exciting to look back at iconic brides from the past. Bianca Jagger is a huge inspiration, for us she epitomises 70’s glamour. We love Priscilla Presley’s floor-length look juxtaposed with looks from modern-day brides such as Solange Knowles and Zoe Kravitz. 

The bridal collection features vintage silhouettes, were you inspired by any particular decades or eras?

Orlagh: We are always inspired by the past, but with this collection, there were so many eras in mind when designing. We have the silhouettes of the 1920s in the longer, silk styles and the 1960s in the necklines and hemlines of the shorter pieces. The '70s, as always, is shown through the more bohemian styles such as the fringing and the jumpsuit. 

The collection also boasts some silky separates, was the intention to create pieces that the bride could mix and match for the ceremony, the party afterwards and possibly even re-wear?

​Henrietta: We designed the collection with a purpose, considering the bride's entire journey – from getting ready in the morning in a silk slip and robe, to dancing the night away in full sequins! Our mini dresses and jackets can be worn for the evening party or next-day celebrations, equally, the silk slips and midi skirts can be styled as part of an everyday wardrobe for years to come. Gone are the days of wedding dresses living in storage never to be worn again!

Given the uncertainty around wedding dates in the last year, do you think we’ll see more brides eschewing the traditional process of choosing a wedding dress and electing ready-to-wear pieces instead?

​Orlagh: Yes, there are lots of couples out there who will literally book their wedding for the following week! Our bridal collection definitely supports these last-minute plans – it is instantly shoppable in Rixo’s full-size range. We also have a bridal specialist available for 1-1 virtual appointment, our brides-to-be can see the collection in detail and hear more about the fit and fabric, allowing them to order with confidence. 

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