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Why RuPaul Opted out of Drag for the Met Gala 2019 Red Carpet

Two previous winners of Drag Race were at the event: Violet Chachki and Aquaria.

Is "we're all born naked and the rest is drag" at play here?

It should be no surprise to anyone that Ru Paul's policy on getting into full drag is one based on cold, hard cash. 

"I do it, if somebody is paying me I'll do it," he told Marketplace last year. "If somebody’s ready to throw down some serious cash, I am there."

It was this point of view that led the Drag Race host to wear a pink and black zebra-striped suit in lieu of a floor-length gown. 

Fetching? Yes. Leaving much to be desired? Also yes. 

The last time RuPaul went full drag in public was in 2012 when he performed at Mardi Gras in Sydney Australia.

Before that, a book signing event in 2007, or, according to the Getty Image archives at least, the 2004 Dance Music Hall of Fame Awards Ceremony.

While some would be quick to bash him for his boldly capitalist ways, Ru's stance isn't actually wholly money-based. He recently spoke on his podcast What's The Tee about the pressures of perfection. 

"I am the Queen of Queens, and the Queen of Queens deserves to look, is expected to look, like a million dollars," she's said.

He went on to say that he's been invited to the Met Gala as a guest of brands before, but most of them wanted him to walk the carpet in drag.

The fact that this is the case is a little sickly sweet. First, is his dedication to the money. This, in essence, is the total opposite of what drag's all about. Secondly, it's his apprehension towards potential red carpet judgement – something he dishes out weekly on his television show. Then, it's the sartorial approach to the most revered night of the year. 

They say that you can bring a horse to water but you can't make it drink. This year, the Met Gala theme was as close to Ru Paul's daily work wear as it could have been. It came the full distance and Ru didn't move an inch. 

While, yes, his outfit does fit the theme (unlike others) and playing the game to make your earnings is important – if you're not going to go full drag at the Met Gala, then when?

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