Meet The New Jacket Trend That'll Solve Every Weather Worry

Don't know what to wear? We've got you covered...literally

One day it can be worn over a tank, and the next it’s piled under a trench coat.

Navigating the days between bright, glorious sunshine and seemingly never-ending summer rain can be somewhat of a challenge. Will the weather hold up long enough for you to finish up your socially distanced picnic? Is the gloomy sky actually fooling you into believing it's way colder than it is? The weather forecast says it'll be 20°C tomorrow but will it really be? While there's no disputing this interchangeable weather can make making plans impossible, it can also be tricky sartorially.

Picture yourself in this conundrum: it’s a sunny day (hard to imagine, we know) and your summer dresses are screaming out to be worn, but on stepping outside, you realise it’s just not warm enough to get away with a floral mini dress so you can go back inside. You change into jeans and a T-shirt, only to step outside once again and realise that it's too cold to bare your arms. But it's also too warm for a jacket. At this point, you'd be forgiven for cancelling your plans, grabbing a blanket and queuing up Netflix. Thank us later, but we're here to tell you there is an alternative. It's called a shacket. 

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'What is a shacket?', we hear you cry. Well, allow us to explain. A shacket is essentially a slightly oversized, shirt-jacket hybrid. See, it looks like a shirt, but layers like a jacket. They tend to come in a wool-blend or as leather styles which makes them thicker than your average shirt, but thinner than your heavy jackets, so you can easily layer them over a simple shirt with jeans or chuck on over a lightweight dress with little effort. When autumn arrives, you can even layer under an overcoat throughout the colder months. 

They look chic buttoned up as a shirt and effortlessly cool when worn undone as a jacket, and you'll struggle to scroll through your Instagram feed without spotting at least ten of your favourite influencers sporting one. Oh, and the best part? They suit literally everyone. 

Have we convinced you that the shacket is a must? Keep scrolling for our edit of the best shackets the high street has to offer. 


Corduroy Oversized Overshirt with Pockets, €39.95, Zara

Stone Utility Shacket, €80, Topshop

Diamond Quilted Overshirt, €99, & Other Stories

Camel Swing Shacket By Topshop Boutique, €120, Topshop

Cotton twill shirt jacket, €17.99, H&M

Knit Overshirt, €29.99, Stradivarius 

Twill shacket, €22.99, H&M

Faux Leather Overshirt, €39.99, Stradivarius 

Oversized Shacket, €39.99, H&M

Oversized Wool Blend Workwear Shirt, €129, & Other Stories

Main image by @pernilleteisbaek on Instagram

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