The 5 Tips From A Personal Shopper That Will Save You Time And Money

Wardrobe fairies are a very real thing - and this one comes in the guise of Cork native Sinead Keary.

Wardrobe fairies are a very real thing - and this one comes in the guise of Cork native Sinead Keary.

Keary, known to some by her previous Instagram handle Bombers and Blondes, is a distinguished stylist and personal shopper intent on saving you pain and pennies as you approach dressing for the new season.

Keary let us in on some insightful tips, ones she bestows on all of her clients as they stand helplessly in front of their own wardrobes wondering how to get their head around Autumn/Winter ... again.

After a summer of uncharacteristically good weather, don't just panic buy every jumper you lay eyes on. Consider Keary’s tips to help come up with an action plan to “make the transition from light and breezy summer dressing into winter layering and cosy knits that little bit easier.” 

1. Begin The Season With A Wardrobe Detox

“A new season brings with it a new start, so why not begin as you mean to go on and carry out a wardrobe detox,” Keary recommended. “The aim is to completely declutter, re-assess, and reorganise your wardrobe. Go through absolutely everything meticulously, piece by piece. Try and be as brutal as possible in terms of what to keep and what to get rid (sell/alter/give to charity or a friend).”

“This process will help remind you of what you already have in your wardrobe going into the new season, and highlight what purchases you made last season that were a success or a complete waste of money,” Keary pointed out. “It should also make space for new purchases… which is always a win in my eyes!”

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2. Make A Seasonal Shopping List

By now, your wardrobe should be cleansed and - hopefully - looking like a professionally merchandised area.

It’s now time to plan out what pieces need updating, and what are the trending items you really want to add to your wardrobe.

“Look at last year's winning purchases; the items you got the most wear out of. If they are a little grubby or possibly come in different colour options, then add them to your shopping list,” Keary advised.

She also recommended doing some research before you hit the shops and get overwhelmed.

”By adding just a few key trends that you really love to your list, you will update the staples you already have and bring them into the next season. Once you have a shopping list together that you are happy with, you can purchase from it in your own time throughout the season (or as the pay cheques come in). Working from this list will hopefully will help focus your spending and prevent any major mishaps and impulse buys,” she said.

3. Don’t Be A Slave To Trends

According to Keary, new seasonal trends should be used mainly to try something new and fun, and keep your existing personal style “fresh”. When tackling new season trends to invest in, think first and foremost in terms of what will work for your body shape and lifestyle.

“Not every trend, print, or colour will work for everyone, so try and imagine the look on you - and not just the model in the magazine or the blogger you love to follow on Instagram,” Keary said.

As for what she is already excited about? Animal prints, in abundance.

“If the idea of head to toe print scares you why not just add a little nod to the trend by using a printed belt, shoe or bag,” she offered.

4. Think Outside The Box In Terms Of Layering

Before you pack away all of your favourite summer pieces and relegate them to the attic, consider whether they can be worked into your winter wardrobe.

“You can always layer-up your summer dresses and tops with fine-knit polo necks, and add cashmere jumpers underneath strappy slip dresses and camis,” Keary said. “This is the perfect way to transition your clothes into the new season. Ripped skinny jeans layered under your light, floral maxi dresses and chunky boots also works a treat.”

“Also, adding belts to your summer blazers and layering them underneath loose-fitting coats can look super cool while also being wonderfully practical and warm on those chilly Irish winter days,” she added.

5. Shop For Your ‘Hero/Investment Piece’ Early In The Season

Thinking about splashing some cash on a designer piece? Read this first.

“August/September is the best time to shop as the new collections touch down in stores mid-to-late summer,” Keary noted. “Getting in ahead of those who are still off on vacation will ensure you get your size and preferred styles, whilst also helping to ensure maximum cost per wear.”

“My number one hero pieces for a great functioning Autumn/Winter wardrobe would have to be a cashmere jumper. Not only is it ideal for layering and toning down dressy evening wear pieces but it’s also the most luxurious and enjoyable item of clothing to wear. Marks and Spencer or Lucy Nagle are my go-to for great quality cashmere.”

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