In the latest instalment of our In Her Closet series, zooming in on the wardrobes of stylish Irish women, we chat to Louise Byrne of fashion blog, A Simple Style

What’s the one phrase that would sum up your sense of personal style? 

Unpolished, oversized, classic with a modern edge.

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Tell us about your shopping habits. What kind of consumer are you? 

 I invest in key pieces I really love and I know I’ll wear for a long time. I don’t think of clothes as disposable so I’m much more careful about what I add to my wardrobe than I used to be.
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As a person who is followed for their style on Instagram do you feel a duty to have ethically informed spending habits? 

Although I’m not perfect in that regard at all, it is increasingly at the forefront of mind with the choices I make. I'm a much more careful shopper than I used to be and buy much less. It’s impossible to ignore the effects of fast fashion given all the info we know now.

Likewise, do you feel a pressure to dress in a ‘good’ outfit when you know you’re going to be taking photos? 

I used to arrange photo shoots and plan outfits ahead of time, but it wasn’t really practical for me as a mum with three small kids. These days I just take pictures of what I’m actually wearing that day.

Tell us about:

aThe best investment buy you’ve ever made.

A good leather jacket! Mine is from Maje.

b) Your worst value purchase you’ve ever made.

Although I love them, for some reason I haven’t gotten the cost per wear down on my Acne Jensen boots.

Where do you gain inspiration for your own look? 

It used to be Pinterest, but I love the save feature on Instagram for more current looks I’m loving or brand releases. There are some amazing inspo accounts too like Fashion Gone Rogue on Tumblr and Instagram.

What brands/Instagrammers do you have on heavy rotation? 

In terms of Instagrammers I love Song of Style, Lucy Williams, Lizzy from Shot From The Street : these are the ones that popped into my head but there are so many more. In terms of brands I love, & Other Stories, By Far, Rouje, Weekday, Acne, Faithfull the Brand (in summer), H&M, and Mango are all my go-tos.

Where do you consider to be your destination for a guilty pleasure shop, when you’re looking for that fast fashion hit? 

H&M or Mango are my favourites. However, even if something is inexpensive I won’t just buy it for the thrill of buying. It has to be something I really love.

What’s your January dressing essential at the moment? 

I bought a leather puffer from Mango and there’s barely a morning it hasn’t been worn. It’s so warm!

Roughly, how much would you estimate you spend on clothes per month? 

That really depends, I don’t tend to set a budget and just go shopping. If I have something in particular in mind I’ll get it if I can, otherwise I'll start saving for it!

Go-to comfy look? 

If I want to be comfy, but still look a bit put together, it’ll be trousers, runners and a chunky knit. If I’m not going anywhere, I’m usually in a hoodie and leggings!
I really love the look of one block colour, worn head-to-toe; a silk blouse with the same colour straight leg trousers, or a suit (plus big gold earrings!). I just haven’t found the one I think I could pull off yet!