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The Instagram Account Highlighting The World's Best Sustainable Fashion Brands

Yet another way to source clothing that won't cost the Earth.

Record-breaking temperatures set a sombre background to the summer of 2019.

Strikes and protests ensued, including several by Extinction Rebellion – the group threatening to cancel London Fashion Week

Few major industries have responded to the crisis in the same way as the fashion industry (perhaps due to its very nature of being one of the world's most pollutive trades) meaning that a number of curated sustainable collectives have made themselves known to the mainstream. 

Fashion Revolution, an initiative working in conjunction with Extinction Rebellion to lobby for change within the fashion industry, has declared an emergency charter pledging "to do our part to address fashion’s footprint, both in the way clothing is produced, and the collective fashion consumption patterns of our Fashion Revolution community."

Similarly, long-time sustainability advocate Stella McCartney also launched a UN charter for sustainable fashion and Nike has published a guide for designers hoping to work more responsibly.

However, for the average consumer, it's often the smaller voices that are most convincing. 

Future Dust is an Instagram account spotlighting and archiving pieces by some of today’s most exciting designers, all of whom prioritise cutting-edge design as highly as responsible production. 

“I chose the name Future Dust because, whether we like it or not, everything we make and buy will someday be worthless,”  former editor at Highsnobiety and Future Dust page owner Alec Leach explains to i-D.

“Once you accept that, then the importance of responsible consumption becomes so much clearer.”

The page boasts a wide range of both styles and pricing – from upcycled bucket hats to luxe Stella McCartney bags – meaning that the circular fashion they advertise is made accessible for everyone. 

By placing emphasis on quality and intelligent design – not to mention spotlighting garments that are ethically made – Leach makes the case for investment pieces over fleeting fast fashion disposables. 

These are clothes that won’t just last longer in your wardrobes; they help the planet last longer, too.

Main image by @burned_out

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