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Meet the Sustainable Trainers Made Out of Apples

In 2018 alone, the brand recycled 1,500 pairs of shoes.

A trainer a day?

The fash set has gone all sustainable as of late with old school brands shedding their former skin to reveal vegan alternatives better suited to our lands. 

First, we welcomed a mushroom-based leather alternative into our midsts, then a pineapple leather and now Italian footwear brand Womsh has revealed that they use apples to make their vegan leather trainers.

Working with northern Italian company Frumat, the brand has created a range of vegan shoes using apple leather.

The material uses the cores and skins of apples discarded from industrial processes, purées and spreads on a solid sheet to dehydrate them until almost all of the moisture has been removed and then finally combines them with Polyurethane to create vegan leather.

According to the website, Womsh aims to create a line that “respects both the highest aesthetic standards and eco-sustainability.

The website also states that the shoes are “ecological, insulating whilst guaranteeing a high level of breathability, and are waterproof.

The shoes aren’t just made from vegan leather — they can also be “recycled and reused to make anti-slip and anti-fall flooring for playgrounds.” Owners can email the company or return worn out shoes to their nearest store to receive a €10 discount voucher.

Company partner Frumat received the Technology and Innovation Award at the Green Carpet Fashion Awards in Milan last year. The company impressed judges with its plant-based leather of “such quality and appeal that it can displace animal leather.

In just five years, Womsh created and preserved 12,000m² of forest (equal to 46 tennis courts), offset 74 tonnes of carbon dioxide emission and used almost 100% renewable energy.

Slightly pricier than the average trainer, Womsh shoes ring in at around €200 a pair. But when you consider the alternative – overflowing landfills and oceans filled with plastic – it's tempting.

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