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The New Knitwear Trend Your Grandad And Harry Styles Have In Common

If Harry Styles says it's cool, then it's cool.

Chandler Bing, but make it fashion.

From chunky trainers to the return of baseball hats, 'dad' fashion has been dominating trends for quite some time now. And while we were all out here predicting what trend was coming next checked shirts? beige chinos? denim shirts with ties?), the 'dad' fashion trend decided to evolve one step further. Or should we say one generation further...

Yes, my friends, 2020 is the year of the grandad. 

Thankfully not in the form of flat caps or front-pleated slacks. Instead, the most recent trend to catch everyone's attention and saturate our Instagram feeds is a trans-seasonal knitwear trend you should attempt to channel yourself this summer (yes, summer). The quirky knitted sweater vest.

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You know the ones – they’re what your grandad wears when he wants to look 'smart' and come in an array of murky colours such as maroon, plum, bottle green and of course, brown. 

There is something so deliciously disgusting about sweater vests. It's the knitwear trend that is sweeping the nation (well, if not the nation, then the fashion pack at least). Reminiscent of Grandads everywhere, teen movie nerds and, of course, Chandler from Friends, it is one of those items of clothing that has become synonymous with stereotypically uncool individuals. These once snubbed jumpers are now on the wish lists of stylish women (and men) everywhere, and high street brands – including & Other Stories, Mango and Zara – have already created iterations. 

But like most things in life, Harry Styles made it cool first. Back in November of last year, even Harry Styles (read: one of the coolest men on the planet) managed to pull off a quirky sweater vest by Gucci (re-creating an iconic Princess Diana outfit in the process). Since then, he's had a whole host of sweater vests on rotation, each as ugly as the last. 

Layer over midi dresses or treat it like a blouse style with slouchy trousers and a trench coat, why not even wear it over your trench coat (believe us, it works) or go hell for leather and skip out on the trousers altogether and wear it like a minidress – this is the jumper to turn to. Perfect for not-quite-summer-but-is-it-really-winter weather. Layering, after all, is a genius solution to unpredictable weather and if you can be on-trend and practical, well that's just a bonus.







Love it or hate it, the sweater vest is only set to get bigger, and we're predicting it'll be everywhere in the coming months. So get ahead of the crowd this season and scroll down to shop the best sweater vests the high street has to offer. 


Chandler Bing, but make it fashion.

Limited Edition Bead and Sequin Vest, €59.95, Zara

Proof that pistachio green makes everything more chic. 

Openwork knit top, €25.99, Mango

Think this came straight from Harry Styles' wardrobe.

Cotton Blend Striped Tank Top, €39, & Other Stories

For those of you a little frightened by the sweater vest, ease into the trend with this roll neck hybrid. 

Knit Halter Top, €25.99, Mango

And you thought sweater vests couldn't look cool.

Object knitted vest in beige, €48.39, ASOS

One both you and your grandma can enjoy. 

Floral Knit Vest, €39.95, Zara


Knit Vest with Pockets, €17.95, Zara

Cashmere V-Neck Vest, €115, COS

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