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Tar Mar’s Insider Guide to New York

This will do wonders for your travel addiction.

Crediting Tar Mar as the reason we are moving to New York (jokes, but we can dream).

Tara Marzuki is an Irish content creator and digital editor based in New York City.

Aside from her budding online presence, cool-girl personality and charming, neutral-toned Instagram feed Tara has collaborated with global brands as well as publications like Cosmopolitan.

It’s impossible to not suggest Tara as the modern Carrie Bradshaw we are in need of, therefore her behind-the-scenes guide to one of the world’s most magical cities has us attentively taking note and already planning our next trip.  

Can you describe NYC in three words?

Exhilarating, Diverse, Busy.

Tell us your must-do:

Walk over the Brooklyn Bridge at sunset, it's one of the most beautiful sights!

Where is your favourite place to relax and escape the city buzz? 

Park's are always the answer -  Central Park truly is an oasis and I love to sit by the model boats on the east side from the entrance at 77th st.

Take a gander from there to the Bethesda Fountain and the Bow Bridge. I also love Williamsburg -  it's a neighbourhood in Brooklyn one stop away from Manhattan and it's so chill with the best restaurants and vintage shopping. Domino Park is a beautiful place to chill by the water and see the Manhattan skyline.

Where is the best pizza in the city?

Pizza is always the right answer! Joe's Pizza does a perfect slice and Basille's Artichoke pizza slice is an indulgent must try even if artichokes aren’t your thing! Both have shops dotted around the city and Brooklyn.

What is the best thing to do in Autumn?

Autumn is my favourite time to be in New York. Everything turns burnt orange and the weather is perfect! I love to wander around the West Village in that weather and go for a fresh plate of pasta al fresco at Malatesta Trattoria.

What shops should we check out?

I do most of my instore shopping on Broadway in Soho. They have everything there as well as all of the drool-worthy designer stores steps away. It also just feels SO New York City there with the incredible architecture.

Where would be the best place to satisfy a sweet tooth?

Milkbar, Supermoon Bakehouse, and the chocolate almond croissant from Maison Kayser is a must!

Best non-touristy Irish bar?

The Dead Rabbit or The Craic in Williamsburg.

What is a typical New Yorker thing to do?

Walk on the right-hand side and don't block the flow of people! Trust me, it goes a long way to avoid disgruntled New Yorkers in a rush! When it comes to activities; go for brunch with your friends on the weekends – brunch is BIG in New York.  Also, when the weather's good most New Yorkers actually leave the city and go upstate. I love the town of Hudson and Coldsprings for a one night stay!

Where's good to stay?

I always recommend Williamsburg because it's a nice escape from the city and there are lots of much better value hotels there but otherwise I would recommend the Lower East Side like the Ludlow Hotel.

What is the best attire for a busy day touring the city?

Comfy shoes are a must; you'll clock 25k steps on an average day sightseeing in New York! A satin midi skirt or jeans and a tee always works - New Yorkers are stylish but not over the top for the most part.

What does NYC mean to you?

NYC means so much to me, it's been my home for the past four years. It's the place where everything seems truly possible and anything can happen! It's a city that turns dreamers into do-ers!

This article originally featured in the October issue of Irish Tatler magazine. 

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