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Tara Stewart Is Your DJ Saviour Who Also Has Your Saturday Night Covered

Cool girl inspiration coming right at you.

Note to self: Add more colour to wardrobe.

Arguably the coolest, sweetest and most colourful addition to Irish soil ever, DJ, RTÉ 2FM radio presenter and style queen Instagram personality Tara Stewart has turned success into a habit. 

The Irish-Aussie creative – who is also half Malaysian and Indian – moved to Ireland nearly ten years ago to pursue her dreams of working in music.

Ultimately, the big move paid off with Tara establishing herself as a fresh, urban and exciting presence in the industry and has since worked with international brands such as Tommy Hilfiger, Diet Coke and Nasty Gal (no biggie).

All the while championing fashion as a form of self-expression and providing endless style inspiration with her fun, bright and sustainable outfit choices. 

Tara’s intrigue lies in her ability to be a true individual within a perfect, Instagram cookie-cutter world and how hard-work, authenticity, risks and kindness equal success. 

Naturally, Tara is one to watch and a 5-minute get-to-know was in order.

Where can you find the best vintage shopping in Dublin? 

Dublin Vintage Factory, Nine Crows, Vintage section in St Vincents and Oxfam!

What is your favourite Irish slang word?  

Gas!!! Because you can literally put it anywhere and say it however long or short you need to fill space.

Why did you want to become a DJ and it is a tricky profession? 

I love music and making people happy! I’ve been playing instruments and music since I was nine, so it’s been a part of most of my life. It is a tricky profession which I didn’t realise when I started.

I definitely took it for granted and wish I spent more time perfecting the craft before gigging. But, life is too short to have regrets! So now I’ve reached a level where I’m proud to call myself a DJ technically as well as musically.

Is it true that Australia has the best coffee? 

YES...we do have a lot of notions in Australia and coffee is one of them.

Can you give one piece of advice for shopping sustainably? 

Have an open mind! Make clothes work for YOU.

What is the biggest perk about being you? 

That my job is playing music! DJing live and presenting my show on 2FM. I never imagined I would actually get to do this full time. Another perk is I get to have deadly people on my show!

Where do you source your style inspiration from? It’s so diverse, colourful and incredible. 

Oh gosh from everywhere! Pinterest and Instagram or magazines to see how I can wear stuff I have in different ways. A big inspo for me is also 90’s Hip Hop fashion and a tiny sprinkle of Y2K in there.

What is one thing that surprised you about being a radio presenter? 

How much maths is involved. Lol. Timings! Getting to the news on time and all that jazz. Maths is so not my strong point but I have the hang of it now.

Do you miss anything about living in Australia?  

I actually just asked my mum to send me a care package, one of the things is a passion fruit soft drink which she told me is DISCONTINUED and I am devastated! Other things like Lamingtons, Tim Tams, Vegemite, cereal is weirdly so good there so I also miss loads of those, I miss playing basketball and nature.

What was the last song you listened to? 

Come Thru by Summer Walker feat. Usher.

Be sure to check out Tara and rapper, Mango Dassle's new event, Katchi Club: A Curry And Hip Hop Night at The Bernard Shaw this Saturday from 10 pm. 

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