When your heart says 'designer' but your bank balance pleads 'dupe'.

Champagne tastes on a Dutch Gold budget? Same. 

File 'The Attico' under the list of labels that we just can't get enough of right now. The Italian-founded brand exploded onto the scene in 2016 with unabashed glamour and flair, introducing covetable pieces like satin ankle straps, feathered bustiers, and buckled mules to the world. 

The Attico's staple, the miniature sequin pouch, also quickly wound its way onto the arms' of fashion tastemakers. So far, we've seen iterations in rainbow and oriental prints and glittering galaxy motifs, as well as velvet versions trimmed with tassels. As they say - good things come in small packages, and this is one bag that screams !party time!

Alas - the hefty price tag attached to this small piece of fun, frivolous fashion is (for want of a better word) sobering. 

Sequined Leopard Pouch Bag, €407

Velvet Pouch With Feathers, €324

Sequined Velvet Pouch, €351

Tasseled Sequined Pouch, €351

Enter this Topshop number, which is a dead ringer - and for less than it would cost to buy a round of drinks at the Christmas party.

Call us Kris Kringle - and consider this our gift to you. You're welcome.

Tiger Beaded Drawstring Cross Body Bag, €42, Topshop

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