Every season there are cult pieces that are perennially on the double tap. And, this time it's as if by osmosis, the sequin skirt has infiltrated the psyche – and wardrobe – of every fashion follower as the hit go-to for a daytime staple or a nighttime hero. 

And, while everyone may not be feeling festive yet, our wardrobes have embraced the sequin with gusto; dusting a little sparkle on every surface is fully appropriate even before the month of December kicks off. 

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How to wear it? Go with street style favourite the 90s skinny heel stiletto. But for true high-low kudos, contrast your sparkly skirt against an Aran knit or fluffy sweater. 

Sequin midi, €69, & Other Stories

Tassel skirt, €49.95, Zara

Limited sequinned skirt, €89.95, Zara

Skirt with sequins, €27.99, H&M

Mini skirt, €30.42, ASOS

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