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The Thoughtful Shopper: August Edition

What's new in sustainable, guilt-free women's fashion and accessories...

This month, our sustainable shopping list is filled with Irish womenswear and accessories. Compiled by Jessie Collins and Amy Heffernan.

Daddy Cool

“I’m always trying to create key pieces for your wardrobe,” says Cleo Prickett, ”and I knew I wanted to do a jacket like this for my new collection. It’s not too over the top, it’s very unisex – it’s really a man’s tailored shape but for women.” The Yaddy jacket (€590) is one of the key pieces in Irish designer Prickett’s new range and was inspired by a vintage velvet jacket of her dad’s. With just eight being made from Magee’s limited edition Donegal wool in green, don’t expect them to hang around too long. Also, check out her beautifully tailored dresses just added to her growing collection. 

Carrie B Chic

Sarah Jessica Parker was recently seen sporting not one, but two cross-body bags while filming the SATC reboot, And Just Like That… and while the double-bag trend might be a little left of (Patricia) Field for us regular folk, the long strap styles are certainly making a comeback after a mostly handbag-free lockdown. As the busy cofounder of Irish fashion group Serena Boutiques, Emma Kelly saw the merit in small, versatile bags that “fit all your essentials and enable you to have your hands free”. By Kelly is her new range of crossbody bags, €85, with interchangeable straps that are designed in Ireland and made in Italy with 100 percent leather.

Coat of Charms

With a colour palette inspired by its native Donegal, Magee’s autumn collection mixes sea blues, mossy greens, earthy oats, and peaty browns with the hues of local flora like gorse, fuchsia, blackberry, moss and montbretia. The heritage label has added two new coats – the Irish Wool Jessica (€725, pictured), a classic swing coat in red plaid made with wool sourced from Irish sheep and spun and woven in Donegal and The Josie (€550), a short Donegal tweed coat in a warm red herringbone.


Fresh from her success in this year’s Brown Thomas CREATE, Katie Ann McGuigan, the London-based Irish designer has launched her newest collection. Lost Summer explores themes such as McGuigan’s native roots and a longing for the outdoors, while the work of Harry Gruyaert, the Belgian photographer, depicting the West of Ireland during the early 1980s was central to her vision for colour and print this season. True to form, McGuigan’s collection features some standout knitwear that would have you wishing away the warm weather.

Luxe Linen

Once renowned for being hippy-dippy, the perception of linen has changed recently. The natural fabric boasts a nonchalance and a polished ease that, growing up in the clothing business, Anneliese Duffy always appreciated. Linen Shirt Company, her new venture, includes classic takes as well as more fashion-forward styles, all made with pure Irish linen. Prices start from €135,

Work It Out

The term ‘circular fashion’ has many connotations but bright, stylish clothes don’t tend to be exactly where your mind goes. Intent on flipping that narrative, Sandra Murphy, a fashion and textile designer with years of experience working in New York with global brands, has founded Afore After. Wholly committed to ethical production and low-impact materials, even the buttons used across her collection are made from Irish cows’ milk. “When I say that my collection is sustainable, I’m not just talking about the fabrics,” Sandra says. “Everything from the thread to the buttons to the labels has gone through rigorous certifi cation processes.”

Benefit Your Body + the Environment

Working up the motivation to exercise isn’t easy, but there’s no denying the feelgood endorphins that flood your body after doing something positive for your mental and physical wellness. One way to double down on that postsweat high is to kit yourself out in gear that’s both effective and ethically-made. With a tagline that reads “luxury meets performance”, Leyo is a Galway-founded ecoconscious yogawear brand offering a variety of understated pieces that are soft, stretchy, supportive and sustainablyproduced.