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Forget Everything You Know About Fashion, Tie-Dye Is Here

Once the trademark of flower crown wearing, Woodstock goers...tie-dye is back.

How to wear tie-dye like it's 2019, not 1999

Forget bold primary shades and psychedelic patterns, the new generation of tie-dye focuses on washed out, muted colours and a variety of pink shades. Think of it as an evolution of the pastels trend. 

Put on the map by Stella McCartney, Prada, Chloé and Ganni, the good news for adults is that the look is no longer reserved for t-shirts. Instead, feminine silhouettes including slip dresses and skirts have been given a die tye inspired makeover.

So why the comeback? Some credit it for its uniqueness, others pin it on nostalgia. No two pieces will ever be the same ensuring a bespoke look no other trend can provide. In the '60s and '70s when tie-dye was inescapable, it became a symbol of individuality and creative expression through handmade, rustic versions. We can also thank the rise of the 'One-Mile Wear'  - nothing says relaxed and careless like a could-be-DIY item thrown over a pair of loose fitting jeans. 

Still not convinced? Here are our tips for pulling off the look…

What Size?

Get your tie-dye too tight, you’ll look like an extra in from a 90s school-based sitcom. Too loose, you’re one step away from a flower crown and an anorak. Go ever so slightly oversized with your styling to ensure you look like you know what you’re doing. Belts and tie-dye are friends. 

How to style

Like most things in life, jeans are the easiest way to make your problems your work. If it's a dress, add a denim jacket. If it's a top, add mom jeans and heels. White denim is also an underdog for pulling off tie-dye. 

When to wear. 

While we are all for making your wardrobe last all year long, sadly, tie-dye isn’t a winter-friendly look. We advise saving it for warmer months and holidays. Think beer gardens, poolside and beaches. It also works particularly well with shell jewellery. 

Where to buy.

Highstreet, it's the usual suspects. Zara, H&M, & Other Stories all have some particularly well-dyed tie-dye in store. On the other spectrum, designers such as GanniProenza Schouler and AIDA are all leading the way in the tie-dye department.

Main image by @collagevintage on Instagram

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