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Topshop's Cult-Favourite Jamie Jeans Just Got A Harry Styles Inspired Makeover

They're here to kill off skinny jeans for good...

They'll go perfectly with your nice tops. 

If I opened your wardrobe right now, I bet I could guess some of the jean styles stored inside—mom jeans, skinnies, and perhaps even an of-the-moment outlier like those “balloon” cuts. But what’s one style that probably hasn’t surfaced to the top of the pile as much as of late? Flares.

Sure, cropped flares have been well, cropping up, over the last few years, but the more polarising bootcut and bell-bottom styles haven't been as popular again until recently. Of course, flared jeans may make you think of Britney circa 1999 (and perhaps not in a good way) or JLo wearing hers with UGG boots. Banish such thoughts and instead gaze on the perfection that is Harry Styles. 

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The mousse-haired teen heartthrob has become a major player in the fashion industry, making it a fundamental part of his personality that it seems almost like a cosmic intervention that his name is Harry Styles. And like everything else he's worn in the past decade, he's somehow managed to take what shouldn't be a fashionable piece of clothing...and make it work. I for one, am obsessed. 

Exhibit A

Exhibit A

Exhibit B

Exhibit B

Exhibit C

Exhibit C

And it appears I'm not the only one as Topshop have taken a page out of Styles' stylish handbook and given their cult-favourite Jamie Jeans a glow up. This week, the brand has launched the four new shapes it's championing for 2020, which are quite handily named One, Two, Three and Four. Style #1 is a classic mom jean while style #4 is proof that the skinny jean can't ever die but it was style #3 and style #4 that really caught our attention: flares. This then lead us down a rabit-hole of searching for flares on the Topshop new-in section when we stumbled upon one style that will suit everyone: Jamie

Indigo Let Hem Jamie Flare Skinny Jeans, €57, SHOP

Most of us will have owned a pair of Jamie jeans in several colours at one point in our life. They're high waisted, have a super skinny leg that is tight enough to give you that sprayed-on feel without cutting off your blood circulation and they are made from stretch denim making them the comfiest skinny jeans on the market. And now, allow us to introduce to you Jamie Jeans 2.0.

Available in an array of washes and distressed hemlines, Jamie jeans have let themselves go with a wider leg fit.  The trouser leg is somewhere between a boot cut and a classic flare, and are just screaming to be paired with simple ankle boots. The one major pro with wearing a flared jean (especially if, like me, you're lacking in the height department) is that they instantly elongate your legs. What's special about the Jamie Jean in a flare cut is that they're also high waisted with a fitted cut meaning these jeans are super leg-lengthening.

Indigo Wash Flared Jamie Skinny Jeans, €55, SHOP

Pure Black Jamie Flare Skinny Jeans, €68, SHOP

Washed Black Jamie Flare Skinny Jeans, €55, SHOP

Prices range from €55 to €68 and they're available in waists 24 to 36 and leg 30 to 34. Given the popularity of their predecessor, we say you're gonna want to act fast if you plan on getting in on the Harry Styles action.  

Main image by Rolling Stone

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