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Transitional Shopping: What To Buy From Hush For The New Season

For slower fashion without sartorial slip-ups

A considered capsule to answer to all of your between-season wardrobe woes.

Founded in 2003 by Aussie Mandy Watkins in response to her first experience of a northern hemisphere winter, Hush is a brand that started out selling pyjamas and cardigans designed for long cosy nights, but these days covers all wardrobe bases.

Gathering a growing fanbase in Britain thanks to its classic laid-back style, the independent brand's collections are relatively small and thoughtful but are updated almost monthly - so blink and you could run the risk of missing a key piece, from that versatile midi dress that works from office to party to those expensive-looking knee-high black boots with that perfect mid-heel.

Hush's slower approach to fashion aligns perfectly with the concept of transitional dressing, in that new trends take somewhat of a backseat to clothes that are well made and those that you can come back to time and time again. Clothes that, when armed with a few key styling rules, can seamlessly ‘transition’ you from summer into winter, without having to buy a whole new wardrobe.

According to Watkins herself, Hush is built on the premise of sustainability and wearability. 

First of all, we design clothes to be worn. A lot. Over many seasons. And hopefully by more than one person. 

Here, we've picked out our favourite new buys from Hush's new-in collection that could provide the answer to all your wardrobe wonderments from now until Christmas. 

Double-Breasted Blazer, €155, Hush - SHOP

Leather Jeans, €445, Hush - SHOP 

Jersey Shirt Dress, €105, Hush - SHOP 

Leather Boots, €250, Hush - SHOP 

Cotton T-Shirt, €42, Hush - SHOP 

Leather Joggers, €350, Hush - SHOP 

Chiffon Blouse, €82, Hush - SHOP

Straight-fit Jean, €89, Hush - SHOP

Denim Boiler Suit, €130, Hush - SHOP 

Leather Trainers, €165, Hush - SHOP 

Printed Shirt Dress, €93, Hush - SHOP

Cotton T-Shirt, €42, Hush - SHOP 

Slinky Skirt, €65, Hush - SHOP 

Leather Sandals, €93, Hush - SHOP 

Printed Mini Dress, €89, Hush - SHOP 

Leather Ankle Boots, €225, Hush - SHOP 

Necklace, €38, Hush - SHOP 

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