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Why 'Ugly' Sandals Are Here To Replace Your Ugly Trainers For Summer

No longer just the preserve of tourists and adventure-type dads
Images: Instagram @monikh

Think foam soles, supportive straps and velcro fastenings. 

Fashion is a funny fish and as it's our job to take note of its particular peculiarities, we've picked up on a trend that's not only happening in our office but in the real world too. 

Of late, we've noticed that the first time we're introduced to an 'out there' trend, initially we recoil, but after a few of months, we start to find ourselves warming up to it, even if it takes a bit of convincing (and a significant period of scepticism) first.

Case in point: ugly trainers, cycling shorts, bum-bags, bucket hats and tye-dye.

True, the recent influx of polarising, so-bad-they're-good pieces are just trends rehashed from the 90s, so they some semblance of fond nostalgia, but then there's that rule: If you remember wearing something the first time it's on trend, you shouldn't wear it when it rolls back around.

If Teva is a brand that's familiar to you now, then you probably grew up in a particular sort of household. Your parents might have been avid travellers? Or you Dad was what they might describe as 'outdoorsy'? Brands like Patagonia, Columbia and North Face were in your life long before their ironic resurgence. 

But the ugly sandals trend is back with a bang after their unofficial fashion debut during Prada's Spring 2018 show and since then, we've seen all of our favourite Insta Gals sporting them - a surefire sign that they're going to be winning us over too, in the not-so-distant future. 

Here's a list of the 'ugly' sandals we'll be keeping in our shopping baskets until they've fully won us over.... just like the rest of the once 'out there' trends.

Ugly Sandals 

Original Universal sandals, €55.30, Teva

Sports sandal, €39.99, Pull & Bear 

Sporty sandals, €39.99, Zara

Stap sandals, €29.99, Pull & Bear

Leather sandals, €375, JOSEPH

Leather-trimmed sandals, €450, Prada

Images: Instagram @monikh