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€700 Teddy Bear Slippers (?!) Are Now In Fashion

Veni, vidi, vici, Vetements.

It's official – fashion is having us on. 

For something that (in hindsight) has been a long time coming, we're ashamed to admit that we're not entirely sure when it happened. 

First came the heavy leniency on '90s/'00s swag, then the heavy branded merchandising of Balenciaga and Supreme, now we have Teva sandals, bucket hats and teddy bear slippers acting as the most coveted items of the fashion set. 

Made in Italy from a cotton, alpaca and mohair blend, Vetements’ new Hug Me Bear slippers are detailed with Velcro® tabs retail at €694.86.

That’s right: the newest fashion trend is one you may already own from childhood and they cost the same as your rent. 

The Georgian designer (aka fashion’s resident meme-lord) is no stranger to a quirky take on easily merchandisable swag. He's also paving the way for a movement taken up by so many others.

As the desire to shop-til'-you-drop wavers (the Earth is burning) many higher-end designers are actually leaning towards producing more so-called 'gateway' items – smaller, more affordable pieces from the same designer which will entice consumers to the brand thereafter – as a hook. 

These could include belts, wallets, scarves or accessories. 

Financially shrewd? Yes. A little absurd? Also yes. 

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The popularity of early-00s style shows no signs of relinquishing its grip on fashion any time soon, meaning that purchasing said teddies along with an inflatable sofa may be a good shout. 

If past trends are anything to go by, then the influx of Britney-adjacent fashion is going nowhere soon – so do yourself a favour; make like Groovy Chick and expose your navel. 

Von Dutch caps for all.

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