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Vintage Mania: Fashion Time-Travel With Vestiaire Collective

A celebration of the best of vintage, highlighting pieces from the last four decades informing fashion today.

Get ready to celebrate vintage like never before!

Which is your favourite vintage? Is it the Studio 54-esque jumpsuits of the '70s or the loud logo aesthetic of the '00s? 

Fashion is cyclical, so what goes around comes around and even years later, some decades prove so pivotal in terms of style that trends from said decades continue to influence stylists and fashion-lovers the world over. Even designers have been known to dip into their own archives for 'inspiration' since time immemorial.

In today's world of fast-fashion, it's all too easy for us to get swept up in the latest trends and become sheep when it comes to our own wardrobes. Everybody is shopping at the same shops, we're all reading the same magazines and following the same influencers, and as a result, our sense of personal style is waning. 

Sustainability aside, one of the major reasons vintage fashion is one of the fastest-growing markets for Millennials and Gen Z consumers is because it guarantees uniqueness and boasts a built-in exclusivity at affordable pricing. According to a recent study compiled by Vestiaire Collective, the global community platform for desirable pre-owned fashion, 60 per cent of people who visit the platform are looking for unique rare pieces they can’t find elsewhere, whilst 16 per cent of respondents said they buy vintage pieces every month.

In with the old 

And so, Vestiaire Collective launches a celebration of the best of vintage, highlighting pieces from the last 4 decades informing fashion today and in this increasingly eco-conscious world. 

Highlighting a unique edit of the must-have vintage, Vestiaire Collective's Fashion Director Sophie Hersan has tapped four of her favourite vintage experts to curate their ‘Only on Vestiaire’ edits of the key pieces that defined the last 4 decades.

Stylist, author and editor Bay Garnett, journalist, author and critic Alexander Fury, designer and vintage purveyor Sami Miró and renowned stylist and fashion director Suzanne Koller, have each selected their exclusive edits of iconic fashion pieces available on the platform from the ’70s, ’80s, ’90s and ’00s. Hero items include a Jean Paul Gaultier corset from 1989, Alaïa studded gloves from 1981, a biker jacket by Maison Martin Margiela, an iconic Prada nylon bag, a 1970’s hippy Céline top and a Dior pink monogrammed matching jacket and skirt.

Community Spirit 

One of the strengths that sets Vestiaire Collective apart from any other resale sites is its trusted 10 million-strong community of fashion lovers.

From the alert function to the 'make me an offer' option, the platform is built to optimise success for both the buyer and seller, encouraging consumers to join the circular economy as a sustainable alternative to throw-away fashion. In terms of nabbing your dream item, who better to tap for advice than Vestiaire Collective's own shopping team? With their combined wealth of knowledge and experience, the insiders have let us into a few secrets on how to find the best pieces at the best prices. 

- Set an alert. If you have something really specific in mind, be sure to set an alert to be notified when the pieces arrive on the platform before anyone else.

- Add to your wish list. If there's an item you've been lusting after all season, add it to your wish list and watch as you receive notifications on price reductions. 

- Follow your favourite profiles. - Are you a Cecilie Bahnsen convert or more of an Isabel Marant kind of girl? Why not follow your favourite profiles to be notified when they drop new items from their wardrobes. 

- Shop from 'We Love'. If you are stuck or feel a little overwhelmed, there is a cool, concise and curated edit from Vestiaire Collective's fashion team available on the homepage. Scroll to your heart's content. 

More recently, Vestiaire Collective introduced Direct Shipping as a service available to buyers all over Europe. Applicable only to lower-priced items (under £500), this service allows buyers to choose direct delivery from the seller, rather than having their items physically checked by Vestiaire Collective. It's a win-win in that not only is it a more affordable delivery option but it's faster too.

Vintage Mania is live on the Vestiaire Collective app now! Download the app HERE to take part in Vestiaire Collective's vintage campaign, culminating in a three-day (September 8-10) period of the best deals on decade-defining vintage pieces. 

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