Rose McGowan took to the runway dressed as the angel of democracy. 

The fash pack exhaled a sigh of relief upon noticing that this year's London Fashion Week schedule included the name of one Ms Vivienne Westwood, following a two-season hiatus in the form of digital presentations.

The grand old dame of British Fashion clearly had a point to prove this season as her LFW presentation was not so much about fashion as it was about a tenacious grappling of global issues. 

From climate change to Brexit to free speech, Westwood's models – who were each draped in statement clothing and spoke of their allocated issue to the FROW – took to St John’s Smith Square, Westminster to kickstart a joint women’s and menswear’s show to remember. 

People read poems and gave powerful speeches, actress and #MeToo activist Rose McGowan – dressed as a democratic angel – told the crowd that “we need more heroes”, and models were sent down the catwalk with long prosthetic noses (like the character of Pinocchio) saying, “tax the poor and give to the rich, that’s the lie with the long nose”.

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Never one to shy away from big topics, Westwood also championed sustainability and climate change during the show. 

She emphasised the importance of buying less and choosing well. “Fashion is all about styling, buy less, choose well, make it last,” said one model, while the message was emblazoned across accessories.

In the build-up to the event, the brand posted cryptic messages on its social channels, saying the show was called ‘Homo Loquax’.

The term refers to American novelist Thomas Wolfe who – in his 2006 Jefferson lecture – describes how he prefers to call humans Homo loquax instead of Homo sapiens – which means "man talking" compared to "man reasoning".

This can be reflected in the engaged response models took to the catwalk with, rather than stoic ambivalence.

The UK director of Greenpeace, environmentalist John Sauven, addressed the destructive forces of some of the world’s most powerful sources and individuals: “We aim to save the Arctic from motherfuckers like Shell and Putin.”

And like previous shows, Westwood took a sartorial swipe at Brexit, with one model protesting: “Brexit is a crime, we should be cooperating, not cutting ourselves off from the world.” 

The show in full can be watched here: 

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