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20 Nice Tops That Will Go Perfectly With Your Pyjama Bottoms

If you’re suddenly working from home instead of going into an office, you have a few options.

Business on top, party on the bottom. 

So, you’ve been consigned to work from home status for the foreseeable future.

On the upside, your commute has been effectively reduced to the number of seconds it takes to go from your bed to the couch.

The downside? You're finding it terribly hard to gain the wherewithal to change out of your pyjamas — and you're wondering: do you even have to?

Well, comfy as they are, the rest of your wardrobe is calling. And there's a psychological reason why it's good to get dressed, even if you'll be in your home office (read: the couch) all day.

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While luxe tracksuits and loungewear are the socially acceptable step-ups from pyjamas, there's a new #WFH dressing code that's entered the mix: pyjama bottoms and a nice top. This is essential for Zoom or Skype calls – which may be the only interactions you have with your colleagues, friends, family, lecturers and dogs – when just your top half is visible.

The nice top formula is nothing new. It's the not-so-secret outfit formula that has been uttered across WhatsApp groups, Facebook groups and group chats, for years that's complemented beautifully by a humble pair of denim jeans. It's the gift that keeps on giving, it's an outfit that knows no bounds, and the reasons it's so prolific is that it's versatile, easy and dependable. And while jeans are now – more than ever – office appropriate, they just don't have an elasticated waist. 

That's why we've scoured the virtual high street to compile an edit of nice tops that will a) go perfectly with your pyjama bottoms and b) are ideal to spruce up makeshift office ensembles without the restriction of trousers. 

Just remember: do not stand up during your zoom call.

what to wear on a zoom call:

With a shirt this chic, your boss won't even think for a second that you're wearing pyjamas to work. 

Glossy Shirt, €39.95, Zara

Professional and comfortable, what WFH dreams are made of. 

Oversize striped shirt, €35.99, Mango

Ditch the jeans and pair with a comfier pair of pyjamas bottoms, any colour or pattern will work. 

Puff Sleeve Wrap Top, €19.99, H&M

The puffed sleeves will distract from your messy background. 

Polka Dot Blouse, €29.95, Zara

A statement collar is one of this season's biggest trends, don't let it go to waste. 

Statement collar blouse, €46, Warehouse

Switch your denim jeans for a denim shirt.

Denim Shirt, €29.99, Stradivarius 

Tunics are your new best friend. Pop pyjama bottoms or leggings underneath for an extra boost of comfort. Or hey, skip the trousers altogether.  

Cotton Tunic, €44.99, H&M

This outfit is proof in itself that it will go excellently with your pyjamas. 

Polo Collar Sweater, €19.95, Zara

Let your boss know that this working from home thing is actually working out quite well for you, subtly of course.

T-shirt with print, €12.99, Bershka

You don't even have to worry about ironing this before you go onto your zoom call.

Floral Jacquard Blouse, €69, & Other Stories

The sequin may get itchy but at least you'll look dazzling on your zoom call...

Limited Edition Sequined Shirt, €79.95, Zara

Pair with a blazer and you've got yourself you go-to casual Friday look, only comfier. 

Printed T-shirt, €12.99, H&M

Satin holds the ability to make you feel like you're wearing pyjamas, even when you're not. 

Satin Pussy Bow Blouse, €59, & Other Stories

Floral blouse for a zoom call? Groundbreaking. 

Floral Blouse, €19.99, Mango

Roll Necks have always been business casual, this time is no different. 

Basic High Neck Sweater, €19.95, Zara

There's matching trousers to go with this, FYI

Geometric Print Blouse, €39.95, Zara

Abstract enough that some of your colleagues (read: Susan from accounts) may confuse this as a pyjama top. Loose enough that you couldn't care. 

Wide Chiffon Blouse, €59.99, H&M

Cosy and smart. 

Wool Blend O-Ring Zipper Turtleneck, €89, & Other Stories

Floaty fabrics = instant comfort. 

Polka Dot Blouse, €29.95, Zara

Striped shirts with tracksuit bottoms? Zoom call perfection. 

Oversized poplin shirt, €19.99, Stradivarius 

Main image by @claire_most on Instagram

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