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How To Dress For A Festival When You Aren't 22 Anymore

I don't know about you but I'm feeling 82!

Because practical and stylish can co-exist. 

Head for the "festival fashion" concessions of any high street store (because, yes, pretty much all of them have one right now) and you'll likely be met with denim hot-pants, body glitter, crotchet fringed waistcoats and wellies. Which (bar the wellies) isn't all that helpful when in the real world you're more likely to be seen in a cashmere grey jumper or a pair of kick-flare jeans. 

The truth is, there's a big difference between attending a music festival when you're in your late teens / early 20s versus when you have a few more years under your belt. As a veteran festivalgoer, you've mastered the "roughing it" phase and are now glad to leave the dirt, lack of showers and sleeping on the ground behind. 

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You've also hopefully realised that wearing assless chaps whilst camping in a field in Port Laois isn't that practical. It's not that you don't want to look fabulous - of course, you do - but perhaps a bit more realism is needed. That all-white dress is probably not ideal if you’d rather keep it for hens instead of getting caked in mud. And the silk midi dress you think will make you look very '00s boho Sienna is probably best kept for a wedding guest outfit. 

So what do appropriate festival outfits look like in 2019? Handily, the ones below. We've scoured the feeds of our favourite influencers and celebrities to bring you seven festival-ready outfits that will hold up should the heavens open (and will look incredibly cool in the process). From Alexa Chung's double jackets to Megan Ellaby's playsuit and bucket hat set, keep scrolling to shop the ultimate 'what to wear to a festival' when you're no longer in your twenties festival capsule. 


There's nothing greater than a simple yet effective outfit. Stella Maxwell's slightly flared black jeans, RayBan glasses and faded band tee make a winning combination. Just maybe switch the Gucci ankle boots for a pair of combat boots.

Nirvana T-Shirt, €15.99, Pull and Bear

Black Highwaisted Flare Jeans, €54, M&S

a cute Playsuit and boots

Another super simple way to dress for an Irish festival? A playsuit with DMs. While you'll need to grab a poncho if it rains - at least your feet will remain nice and dry. 

Ditsy Floral Playsuit, €46, Topshop

1460 8 Eye Boot Boots, €112.95, Dr Martens


Alexa Chung is a veteran when knowing how to dress for festivals. Sure, she may have access to the VIP lounge and definitely better loos, but she's still great for fabulous but practical outfit inspiration.  Here she does denim shorts - the grown-up way. 

 Oversized Denim Jacket, €29.99, Bershka

Acid Wash Mom Shorts, €12.99 Bershka

Leslie Waterproof Jacket, €699, Dubarry



If you're a dress kind of girl, make a big style statement by opting for a statement print (it'll make it easier for your friends to spot you in the crowd). Then, complete your look with a leather biker jacket and converse. 

 Biker Jacket, €39.99, H&M

Floral Print Midi Dress, €49.95, Zara


It's Ireland and despite what the weather forecast might say, it will rain at some point this weekend. Your past self would have seen a rainjacket as an unnecessary item that would only take up space for cans. Your current self knows that fewer cans > the flu. 

Statement Rain Jacket, €39.99, H&M

Band Tee FT a Midi skirt

A midi skirt is an excellent festival option, as it's longer length will give you slightly more warmth should it turn chilly (which it will). Wear yours with a logo tee and trainers just for an edgy vibe.

Logo Tee, €15.99, Pull and Bear

Black Satin Bias Skirt, €24.99, New Look

matching co-ord and walking boots

Typically worn on the last day of the festival, this outfit is also known as the 'morning after' look. A matching co-ord helps you look 'put together' when you are anything but together whilst the beanie will hide the inevitable greasy roots. Add walking boots to the look for all the running around you'll be doing from stage to stage.

Pastel Blue Ditsy Top, €14, Pretty Little Thing

Pastel Blue Ditsy Trousers, €14, Pretty Little Thing

Diemme Roccia Vet Boots, €350, Arket

Main image by @wethe_wildones on Instagram

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