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What To Wear To Work When Its Freezing Outside – But Sweltering In Your Office

First and foremost, you definitely need a coat...possibly even two.

On a day like today for example...

Getting dressed for work is difficult enough as it is; throw in the fact that this week is set to be the coldest and miserablest of the year so far (thanks Storm Ciara!), and needless to say, it's going to be even trickier to look professionally polished whilst combating ice cold weather.

Dressing for work in minus temperatures can prove to be quite the challenge. In fact, not freezing to death on your morning commute while not sweating to death at your desk as soon as the heating kicks in while also not being pulled in for a 'chat' with HR because you brought your duvet to work should be an Olympic sport. 

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But, news just in - there are, of course, ways to dress warmly for work without looking like you're about to head into the tundra. Simply by thinking about the kind of fit, cut and type of material your clothes are made of during the winter will make all the difference.

So instead of just throwing on your too-light cotton suiting with a crisp white shirt, maybe you should consider a knitted co-ord and a pair of waterproof boots (they're more stylish than they sound, promise.) This is just one of many ideas I've nabbed from various Instagrammers who have office-appropriate cold-weather dressing nailed.

From floor-length parkas with black roll necks to a teddy bear coat with a leather belt, as well as woollen tights and gingham coats, there are some brilliant ideas that are chic yet practical for your office attire. Consider your "winter work outfits dilemma" solved.

Puffer Coat + Black Jeans + Black Roll-Neck



Deep, dark winter, even when you’re headed to work, always requires a decent puffer coat. And our rule is the bigger the better. Try wearing one that isn’t in black (it’s too much of an easy go-to and you'll blend into the sea that is black puffers), and wear it over the top of black boots, black trousers, and a black roll-neck. The contrast will make this outfit look more directional. 

Down Puffer Coat, €250, Arket

two jumpers are better than one

Getty Images

Getty Images

One of the season's key trends is to wear two jumpers. The principle is simple: throw on a chunky jumper, and then layer another over the top, either knotting the sleeves around your neck or by carefully shoulder-robing it. That's it. Everything else—be it the jumper shape, the neckline, the thickness or the colours—is entirely up to you. But if you're new to the trend, we would recommend either wearing the same jumper, twice or wearing two jumpers (preferably plain) of the same colour palette. This works particularly well with a smart pair of work trousers. 

Mock Neck Sweater, €36, & Other Stories

Rethink the CO-ORD



Speaking of keeping things matching, invest in a knitted skirt and jumper co-ord for an outfit that takes approximately two minutes to plan and will keep that pesky winter chill at bay. 

Long Knit Cardigan, €49.95, Zara

Knit Wool Blend Dress, €49.95, Zara

take a raincheck

Getty Images

Getty Images

When it's freezing it can be tempting to reach for your warmest coat and not think about how it goes with your outfit. The best answer here is to opt for a sweeping long coat that goes with anything. A checked tailored coat always looks expensive. 

Neon Check Maxi Coat, €131.34, ASOS

A pair of boots your mother would approve of



Regardless of whether or not you’re in a place that experiences snowstorms on a regular basis, this type of weather requires us to think more practically when it comes to our wardrobe choices. For the safety of ourselves and everyone around us, it’s time we start planning our winter outfits with sensible (but stylish) boots.

Grenson Nanette Boots, €330, Brown Thomas

teddy coat + belt = Business casual

Getty Images

Getty Images

Teddy bear coats can sometimes feel a little dressing gown–esque, but one way to make them look smarter is to tie a leather belt around the waist. 

Long Faux Teddy Fur Coat, €116, Warehouse

Leather Belt, €29.95, Zara

let there be tights



Fact: Opaque tights will keep you warm when you're in a minidress. The pair below from M&S are 100 deniers and made from a luxuriously soft Merino wool blend meaning you'll struggle to understand what cold weather everyone else is moaning about.

Merino Wool Blend Tights, €13, M&S

Main image by @handinfire on Instagram

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