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Meet The Instagram Account Dedicated To Serving Up Daily WFH Outfit Inspiration

How didn't we think of this! 

For when the grey marl on grey marl all just gets too much! 

For the bones of two weeks now, we - as a society - have scrambled to create remote-work practices, setting up shop in our living rooms and forcing us to relegate stiff and structured clothes to the back of our wardrobes for the foreseeable. 

A small price to pay for slowing the spread of the coronavirus, surely, but while it may be all too easy to stay in your pyjamas and forget what day you last took a shower; experts remind us that – unless we're feeling sick – getting dressed will give an instant hit of endorphins, or at the very least, provide a welcome distraction from the mundanity of WFH day in, day out. 

Luckily, the creative folk on Instagram have taken it upon themselves to spread a little joy by either getting all the way glammed up or styling up their comfy clothes in a new way and there to document it all for style-hungry followers is a new account: @wfhfits, or working from home (out)fits.

WFHfit Aspiration 

Having racked up close to 14k followers already despite the account not even being a month old, the founders – a group of New York and London-based fashion editors – have struck content-gold, sharing work-from-home mirror selfies submitted via DM by cool creatives. 

Now, before you go submitting a pic of you clad in your loungewear of yore, take a second. While the feed does indeed provide WFHfit inspiration, it does so in quite an aspirational way. You know, the outfits you might pull on if your wardrobe was full of vintage Fendi knits, rainbow felt JW Anderson clogs and trendy tie-dye Aries tracksuits. 

Good fits, Better Captions 

And the only thing better than the eclectic ensembles featured are the quippy captions - typically capped up for full effect. A selfie of one suited member of the @wfhfits community is met with the caption: “Many people are wearing suits proving that fashion is not for the rest of the world, it is for your own personal satisfaction, self-esteem, and this Instagram account", while an all-white tunic gets paired with "Forget middle management, be a cult leader!!'.

Whatever your WFH-style, we hope you scroll intently, steal a few tips and dress like you're the star of your own office/living room. 

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