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What To Wear This Easter Weekend – Besides Loungewear

Get dressed.

In case you miss buttons and zips. 

So, you’ve been consigned to work from home status for the foreseeable future.

On the upside, your commute has been effectively reduced to the number of seconds it takes to go from your bed to the couch. But with no formal workplace to go into each morning, it seems as though every day is “casual Friday.” In our current climate, where staying home is not only encouraged but government-enforced, items such as jackets, shoes, bras and trousers don't seem as important or necessary anymore. 

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Hence the sudden demand for loungewear on the virtual high street. Whether it's a knitted tie-dye sweatshirt with matching pants or a fresh set of luxe pyjamas, chances are – by now – you're well stocked up on loungewear. Yet, comfy as they are, the rest of your wardrobe is calling. And there's a psychological reason why it's good to dress in your "normal everyday clothes", even if you'll be in your home office (read: the couch) all day.

Your daily attire for working from home doesn't have to be strictly loungewear. Elements like elasticated waistbands, soft materials, oversize silhouettes, and plenty of room to move around are ones that can be found in plenty of pieces that are as far from tracksuits as can be. 

Here, five ways to make your 'everyday normal clothes' more comfortable. 


Long-Sleeved Cotton Dress, €27.99, H&M


Cactus leather western boot in black, €89.86, ASOS


At face value, a dress might look and feel fancy — and that's the ultimate con that dress-wearers have pulled. In fact, it's one of the easiest things in the world to wear and requires the least amount of effort. In short: throw it on and go. It's that simple.

out of office

Organic Cotton Lyocell Blend Sweater, €59, & Other Stories


V-Neck Sweater, €19.99, Stradivarius 


Check Jogger Waist Trousers, €29.95, Zara


When just your top half is visible, it can be tempting to not pay too much attention to what you wear below your waist. Although we fully endorse pyjama bottoms and a nice top, there's no denying that if you’re dressed for bed, your brain will think it’s bedtime. Enter smart trousers with an elasticated waist. 

break the mules

Stretch Trouser, €29.95, Zara


Vans X Sandy Liang crew socks in white, €20.74, ASOS


Leather Loafer Mules, €77, M&S


When your daily step intake consists of walking from the fridge to couch, shoes may seem unnecessary. But just like changing out of your pyjamas and into real clothes can do wonders for your productivity, so can putting on a pair of shoes. The next best thing to slippers? Mules. 


Long Cardigan, €19.99, Stradivarius 


Sleeveless Top, €5.99, Bershka


Black Satin Slip Bias Skirt, €20, Topshop


Is there anything a satin slip skirt can't do? Stylish, check. Easy to throw on, check. Comfortable, check. Pair with an oversized cardigan and a simple white vest and you'll be so comfortable, you might just sleep in it. 


Corduroy Knot Belt Jumpsuit, €99, & Other Stories


Puff-sleeved mesh top, €14.99, H&M


If throw-on-and-go dresses aren't your bag, may we interest you in a boilersuit? Like the older, more understated cousin of last summer's buttoned and printed jumpsuits, the utility boilersuit made its debut at the end of last year and has been going strong ever since. Step in, zip-up and go. Simple and comfortable. 

mom's the word

High Rise Jeans, €69, & Other Stories


Oversized Printed T-Shirt, €14.99, H&M


When it comes to comfort, jeans get a bad rap but least we forget they're the very backbone of our wardrobes. While we don't suggest trying to slide into your skinny jeans anytime soon, your mom jeans are the most comfortable of the denim world. And hey, you can always unbutton the waist at your desk for extra comfort – something you can't do in the office. 

Main image by @hannahlewisstylist on Instagram

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