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That Zara Dress Everyone Is Obsessed With Now Comes In A New Colour

It's got an A/W makeover

But there's just one catch...

Whether you own it, know someone else who owns it, or have walked past it several times on your commute to work, chance are you're more than familiar with the Zara polka dot dress that has taking over Ireland - and the rest of Europe - this Summer. 

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I’m fully aware that absolutely everyone already has this dress  but I HAD to get it didn’t I?!  [Press treatment update] And whilst I’m actually dressed up and have brushed my hair for once, | thought it’s a good opportunity to update you on my @greatlengthsuk [applied at @matthewcurtishoarcrosshall by @jessicawardhair ] tape in hair extensions! Well I’ve had them in for just over 6 weeks so they are just about at the point when they need removing as my hair has grown out, they’ve been absolutely amazing - I really thought they would bother me but honestly other that having to spend a little longer drying my hair, I never notice they’re even in! I’ll definitely be getting them again 

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For those who have been living under a rock, the €49.95 dress is a printed lightweight number, with elbow-length sleeves and a keyhole button fastening. It is 100% viscose, ankle-length and has a ruffled hem that flutters pleasingly when you walk and it has basically broken the internet having earned its own Instagram account which documents the dress' whereabouts and has nearly 20 thousand followers. 

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And although many have tried to create dresses worthy enough to compete for the illustrious cult dress status, it seems that Zara has gotten a second wind.

The dress (as the Irish Tatler Slack channel and I now refer to it) has been re-released in the inverse colour, black with white spots. Proving just as wearable as the original and being the perfect addition for the coming A/W wardrobe, the dress is sure to be a viral hit.

However, there's one slight obstacle - it's currently only available in Australia, where it costs $90. But according to Grazia, there are rumours it will soon be landing on Irish soil pretty soon.

So until then, you may have to rely on your cousin in Australia to post it over to you. 

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