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Those Slip-On Mules That Are All Over Your Instagram Feed? We've Tracked Them Down

Go, Go, Go!

The perfect 'wear with anything' shoes. 

Allow me to set the scene: it was a Friday night which meant it was finally time for some homemade margaritas. On my second margarita of the night, my friend made the – what then seemed like an – excellent suggestion of playing a drinking game. So, we searched the app store as our memory on the rules of 'kings' was a little shaky. According to this particular app, if you pulled the Queen card - it was your turn to display your best party trick. One friend of mine has a talent for doing the worm, others can recite the entirety of Billy Joel's We Didn't Start The Fire  - but me? Well, I can almost instantly track down any given item of clothing on Instagram and find out where to buy it. Granted, it's less entertaining than a Billy Joel sing-song but it's a skill that's led me to get my hands on the latest 'it' items before they sell-out. 

My most recent accomplishments were discovering the fashion brand that every fashion 'it' girl owns at least three dresses and a wrap skirt from. There was also the cool-girl leather blazer that is so chic we'd even risk wearing in this heatwave. Before that, it was the knitted co-ord everyone and their mother spent all of lockdown in and only recently, I discovered the scrunched gold earrings you've spotted on the lobes of Daisy Edgar-Jones, Jodie Comer and Adwoa Aboah.

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This time, however, the mystery lies in a pair of heeled, slip-on mules that are feet are just screaming to wear. Unlike my recent discoveries, this pair of sandals isn't by a high-end designer that you could only ever dream of owning, but rather a high-street store you've almost definitely already spent your entire paycheck in many times before. Well, prepare to do so again because Zara has designed a pair of minimalist mules that are so perfect, I think I'm dreaming. 

The pair in question are €39.95, but that hasn’t stopped it selling out faster than a One Direction reunion tour. In fact, they're still in available to buy in every size. Surprising considering I've struggled to open Instagram without spotting at least three influencers, friends or celebrities sporting a pair. 

These are the that's been all over your feed - and it's easy to see why. A reasonable €39.95 price-tag, minimalist with a crocodile-esque finish. Not to mention the fact it has a super low heel meaning you can actually walk to the bar in these, instead of popping on just before you walk inside. We're seeing them paired with everything from jeans and a t-shirt to summer midi dresses to cycle shorts and hoodies. The perfect 'wear with anything' shoes. 


They come in two shades: ecru and brown and for just under €40, we're confident you'll wear them so many ways that it'll be more of an investment than a splurge. The only downside? It's an absolute bargain compared to my usual Instagram finds meaning you need to shop them immediately if you want to get your hands on a pair because mark my words...these will sellout. 

Main image by @imairinn on Instagram

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