Clad in leopard print, Ashley Graham sashayed down the catwalk alongside Monica Bellucci, Eva Herzigova, Emily Ratajkowski, and Helena Christensen.

Fans of Italian designers Dolce and Gabbana may have forgotten the duo's habits of making controversial and offensive statements towards women - but the Internet hasn't.

Graham (30) walked the runway today for the brand's SS19 show - much to the confusion of her followers. While it wasn't her first stint modeling for Dolce & Gabbana (she appeared in their Alta Moda show earlier this summer) her association with the luxe-label has perplexed some.

One Instagram follower questioned the American model's decision to align herself with the designers asking, "but why are you walking for them? Terrible brand values. In a capitalistic society, where you put your money means everything." 

Another stated, "you know I love you but I can’t stand to see you walk in their show. As much as I used to love DG could never support anybody for what they did to Selena Gomez or his comments about other women. Don’t let him use you!"

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People were similarly outraged by the fact that the brand does not even offer clothing in sizes above a UK 14 in their online or brick and mortar stores.

"You know what is funny. You will see designer use plus size models but when u go to the store to buy a dress in plus size, you can forget about it. This is just a marketing strategy so show they are "diverse". (sic)" one Instagram user commented.

If you're wondering what the backlash is all about, consider this your primer: Stefano Gabbana previously body-shamed Lady Gaga while she performed during a Super Bowl show, has called Selina Gomez "ugly", and dismissed criticism over dressing First Lady Melania Trump saying that his brand "doesn't care about politics".

Dolce & Gabbana have also come under fire for creating racist products (like the “mammy” earrings in 2012), a misjudged luxury hijab line for Muslim women, and the bad-taste "I'm thin and gorgeous" sneakers that almost broke the Internet last year. When those €800 shoes were criticised, Gabbana retaliated, "Darling you prefer to be fat and full of cholesterol ??? I think u have a problem." 

(Image via Dolce & Gabbana)

(Image via Dolce & Gabbana)

Let us not forget the public outrage that ensued after they told Italian magazine Panorama that they consider children born through in vitro fertilization to be "synthetic." The fashion designers added that they "oppose gay adoption" and that IVF pregnancies are "chemical offsprings and rented uterus."

While their runway lineups make grand statements about diversity and inclusivity - it seems the brand needs to do more to erase the public's perception of their moral compass...or lack thereof.

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