When you’re in pursuit of your latest bedside read, look no further than Renaissance woman Florence Welch and the Trinity student who runs her book club.

The chanteuse, and eternal style inspiration for the bohemian-inclined everywhere, was a pioneer of the celebrity book club movement.

Since 2012, long before Lena Dunham’s ‘Lenny Letter’ and Emma Watson’s ‘Our Shared Shelf’, Welch and her fellow taste-makers have been recommending both obscure and commercial literary titles to a hungry audience.

The venture came about when Welch tweeted a vintage-style polaroid photo of herself outside a bookstore, fittingly dressed in a retro peasant blouse and brick-red flared trousers. She captioned it ‘booksbooksbooks’ prompting a teenage bibliophile to jokingly respond to the singer telling her she should form her own book club.

A mere week later, the Florence and the Machine front-woman was holding up her book of choice to a crowd at a gig in Indianapolis, Indiana.

"When I was on tour years ago, I saw some fans tweeting about maybe starting a book club. I just said it was a great idea and I’d love to help them and be involved somehow. I recommended the first book for them, which was Opposed Positions by Gwendoline Riley, and it took off from there," Welch previously told W Magazine.

As for the 14-year-old lit-obsessed teen who spawned the movement? Her name is Leah Moloney, a Westmeath native who is now a psychology student at Trinity College Dublin while serving as creative director of the project.

The club, entitled ‘Between Two Books’, has thus amassed over 100,000 followers on Instagram. The premise is that the movers and shakers in Welch’s world recommend a title and fans read it together and host group discussions on subject matter.

“[Welch] has always been so into it. It’s a really lovely thing for me too – I’ve always been into reading. When I was eight or nine, reading was not something you would admit to. It wasn’t seen as cool. This is so good because we can use her name to promote reading," Moloney recently told The Guardian.

With an expertly curated selection of novels, poetry and everything well - in between - the feed is enough to cause a veritable splurge in your nearest book haven.

Of course, Welch's soon-to-be-released debut project ‘Useless Magic’ (Penguin, July 5th) is top of the club's agenda.

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