How to achieve that je ne sais quoi. 

Any product junkie worth their salt has a whole rake of French beauty and skincare brands lining their bathroom shelf. Bioderma, Avene, Nuxe, La Roche Posay. Check. And many of them are readily available in Irish pharmacies now, which is wonderful news for us. But what about the lesser known household staples that French girls swear by? 


Biafine is primarily sold as a cream to soothe burns or scratches. While it works brilliantly for this purpose, particularly that first lobster-red burn of summer, it is also a fantastic moisturiser, anti-ageing cream and face mask. Fans include Elle Macpherson and Gwyneth Paltrow. Is this finally our answer to supermodel skin? 

Avibon Vitamin A

This Vitamin A cream is a French skincare favourite. It contains .2% retinol, which is more than we would usually find over the counter here. It helps to resurface and re-texture your skin to provide a smooth, clear and glowing complexion.  

Note: As with all retinol products, this one is better used only a few times a week to begin with. Slather on that SPF as well to combat any extra sensitivity to the sun. 

Klorane Dry Shampoo

Not a fan of dry shampoo? Try Klorane and prepare to be converted. It really is the best one we've tried. It offers glossy, voluminous, textured locks without any powdery or sticky residue. 


Homeoplasmine is the natural, non-greasy French alternative to Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream. Use it on chapped lips, dry patches and weathered winter skin. We love that it leaves a matte, velvety finish and is perfect as a pre-lipstick balm. We might be imagining it, but we swear it also has plumping properties? 


You've almost certainly heard of Embryolisse as an moisturiser, but what if we told you you've been using it wrong? If you happen to have a tube of this stashed away somewhere, whip it out immediately. Apply a thick layer as a face mask, wait 15 mins and watch it work its magic. Skin is smooth, plumped and as soft as a baby's. Another tip is to try it out as a primer before applying your makeup. Not only will your foundation last longer and look dewier, it also won't settle into face creases or fine lines, making you look older and more tired than you actually are.