Lucia Pica\'s 18th century-meets-Bowie look © CHANEL 2019

Lucia Pica's 18th century-meets-Bowie look © CHANEL 2019IMAGES: Benoît Peverelli

A sketch sent by Chanel creative director Karl Lagerfeld was all it took to inspire Chanel global creative makeup and colour designer Lucia Pica’s makeup look for the SS19 haute couture show.

"The silhouette is 18th century but the girl has a Bowiesque feeling to her, especially in the makeup. Karl Lagerfeld sent me a sketch and it felt really like that,” Lucia explains.

© CHANEL 2019

© CHANEL 2019

A contrast of textures

For the look, Lucia created a rounded shape on the eye, in a blended blue with a slight teal undertone. “I added a sharp graphic line going underneath the eye to add a graphic strength to it,” she says. “So there is the softness of the blending of the eyeshadow on the top and the toughness of the eyeliner underneath that is straight. There is a balm shine on top of the eyelid to make it a little bit more alive and lived in.”

© CHANEL 2019

© CHANEL 2019

"Overall, there is a contrast of textures with the matte lip, the balmy deep eyes and the soft translucent skin. This contrast reflects the allure of the girl walking the show: elegant and sophisticated but with toughness to her. She is powerful and strong."

Get the look

"It’s pretty easy to do the eye, with the Stylo Ombre et Contour Bleu Nuit (€31)," Lucia says. "Scribble it on and then blend it with a blending brush. Then you apply an eyeshadow on top to intensify it and add more depth, you dab the eyeshadow onto the pencil  Les Pinceaux de Chanel Flat Eyeshadow Brush and it just sticks to it. It’s easy!"

Images: 2019 Spring-Summer CHANEL Haute Couture Show Backstage/Makeup CHANEL – Lucia Pica 

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