Dorothy Parker once famously said, “Men seldom make passes at girls who wear glasses.” Alas, she had never seen the chic eyewear worn by the Gucci gang.

As a lifelong wearer of specs (pushing on 20 years now) approaching Lasik corrective surgery later this week, I’ve been thinking a lot about how my glasses have always been the bane of my life. As an awkward tween, I opted not to get braces to avoid being self-conscious about metal on my teeth as well as framing my eyes. As a teenager, my glasses meant most sports and adventurous eye makeup were out of the question (albeit I showed no prowess at athletics anyway.) Even as an adult, I frequently had to take time off work when my contacts dried my eyes out to an unimaginable, painful, even dangerous extent.

Being strictly confined to wearing my Deirdre Barlow goggles for this entire week (!) before my surgery reminds me of all those years I spent feeling insecure about my impressively poor -5 vision. Here’s the irony though - with the prospect of being free of contacts and thick corrective eyewear for the foreseeable future, I’m already excited at the opportunity to try out the type of trendy frames I never could have used with my jam jar-thick lenses.

First on my hit list: 1970s-style Aviators, as pulled off by aplomb by Alessandro Michele’s muses. His Gucci gang embody that sense of insouciant coolness with their retro gold-rimmed readers, and I’ve always been jealous that I couldn’t get in on the game.

Gucci not in your budget? Same. Alas, post-op I'll have my new-found 20/20 vision firmly fixed on some of these high street bargains.

Gold Tone Clear Lens Aviators, €17, River Island

Aviator Glasses With Clear Lens in Gold, €19.36, Jeepers Peepers

Aviator Clear Lens Glasses, €17.97, Reclaimed Vintage