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This High Street Shop's Sportswear Offering Is Keeping Me Active At Home

Plus some comfy pieces for chilling on the couch...

The motivation you need to sweat, not splurge!

If you're anything like me, you might have been tempted to let your fitness regime fall by the wayside once the coronavirus really took hold and gyms shut down for the foreseeable. For the last few weeks, drumming up any sort of motivation to get a sweat on has proven difficult, but more recently, I think I've turned a corner. 

I’ve never been someone who likes to exercise at home. I enjoy the accountability of training with other people, the adrenaline-pumping vibe of a class packed with people, where I can push myself to the max. But there’s nothing like a deadly pandemic to shift one's perspective...

If exercising is something you need in your life in order to feel normal (I do), I've found that nothing makes me feel motivated to get back on track like some fresh, new activewear. 

Trivial as it may sound, upgrading my old, well-worn gym gear has given me the push I needed to take my favourite workout classes at home and even join some new, live streaming classes with renowned instructors. 

H&M Sportswear 

Like most things in life, having the right tools can make any job easier and the same goes for exercising. Everything from a badly-fitting sports bra to the ever-present threat of transparent leggings can affect your workout for the worse, so that's why, since sampling H&M's sportswear offering, I haven't dared to change my allegiance. 

Online, H&M has all the styles you might need to round out your yoga practice, suit up for your exercise bike, or sneak in a socially distanced run, and at super-affordable prices too. The quality is really impressive for the price and there's are tonnes of colour options if the traditional all-black-everything feels a little drab, all things considered. 

Ahead, some of the best activewear styles worth shopping on H&M right now...

Shaping tights High Waist, €27.99, H&M - SHOP 

Seamless sports bralette, €17.99, H&M - SHOP 

Sports bra high-support, €19.99, H&M - SHOP 

Ribbed yoga top, €22.99, H&M - SHOP

Mesh sports top, €12.99, H&M - SHOP

Cropped sports top, €9.99, H&M - SHOP 

Sports tights Shaping Waist, €19.99, H&M - SHOP 

Cropped sports top, €19.99 H&M - SHOP 

Shaping Sports bra, €19.99, H&M - SHOP 

Anti-slip yoga socks, €7.99, H&M - SHOP

Main Image: @emilyjbull

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