Cat fo Instagram - Follow @ohegartysarah on Insta to keep up with Daisy\'s antics

Cat fo Instagram - Follow @ohegartysarah on Insta to keep up with Daisy's antics

Everybody needs somebody to love, right? Here at Irish Tatler we have a veritable menagerie - meet the pets behind the team (and why they are so darn loved). 

Are you cuckoo for your cat? Passionate about your pooch? Well, today's the day for declaring your love for your four legged friend: it's officially National Pet Day. To celebrate, we wanted to introduce you to team Irish Tatler's growing pet collection!


"We got our little Shitzu Finlay, (named after Scottish rugby player Finlay Calder), for Christmas a few years ago and he is genuinely the best thing that’s ever happened to our family. Despite the fact he’s a white fluff-ball and us girls in the house take to dressing him in cute jumpers and accessories on occasion, he and my Dad are besties. It melts my heart when I see them together. " Amy, Staff Editor


"The fact that Daisy is picture perfect and looks like she could belong to a Bond villain certainly adds to her charm. But mostly I love her because she is the most amusing creature around. (I'm still trying to emulate her perfectly withering glare. Trust me, it's scary.) Sarah, Deputy and Fashion Editor

"I started riding horses when I was 7 and fell head over heels (hooves?!) for them from the off. I used to go down to the stables with my Dad every Saturday morning and it became our ‘thing’ that we did together. During my late teens and college years though, social life and studying took precedence and I stopped for a while. I took it back up last year and don’t think I’ll ever look back. It’s the best head space you can get, being outdoors with a beautiful, intelligent animal and is the ultimate adrenaline rush. The only mission now is to get my dad back in the saddle!  (Photos of the same gal and same stables, about 20 years apart!) Rebecca, Staff Editor

"We got Matilda our Dog-Human 9 years ago from the DSPCA - she'd been left in the street as a two day old pup and we fell in love straight away. She's been reared with my three kids so has the patience of a saint and can practically speak English. Recently she has had to share 'pet' status with two goldfish and a spider (eugh, #MumsofBoys), but she'll always be my numero uno - even if she does take up the best spot on the sofa." Shauna, Editor


Who's your beloved four-legged (or eight-legged) friend? Tell us below.