Finally, a healthy eating trend that real food lovers can get in on (and stick with). Forget veganism, #cleaneating and all that’s in-between, the latest food trend is about life without labels. Foodie and author of The Little Green Spoon, Indy Power, explains why.

There’s no technical term for the way I eat. It’s a question I’m asked daily and one that I’m finally happy not having an answer for. If you had to put a name to it I guess you could say I’m either a pescatarian who doesn’t eat eggs or dairy, or I’m a vegan who eats fish. Quite a mouthful, and one I don’t feel a need to label, because the great thing is I’ve finally found the way that my body and my taste buds love to eat. I really believe everyone has to do their own thing and develop their optimal style of ‘free eating’. I’ve tried it all, from paleo to vegan and everything in between, and it’s no surprise that adhering to specific philosophies doesn’t work for most people – every single person is different, so picking a set of rules and hoping it will work for you is a long shot.

You need to find a way of eating that fits you, rather than trying to fit yourself into a box. That can be easier said than done and it does take a while but it is so, so worth it. And there’s one simple place to start – with real food. The only ‘rule’ I have when it comes to eating is to focus on eating natural, unprocessed food and to cook from scratch as often as you can. It’s the best gift you can give yourself and the only investment with guaranteed returns. It’s about natural, nutritious food with loads of flavour and creativity and, most importantly it’s about making good food accessible, even if you’re short on time after a long day at work. Forget about labelling your diet and cutting stuff out – try some new foods, eat more plants, cook and just do you!