Highstreet Heroes: The Perfect White Tee

Whether liberatingly loose and airy or cut to flatter – nothing gives off the air of nonchalance like a perfect white tee.

Not sure what to wear? Nine times out of ten, a crisp white T-shirt is the answer.

Whether it's fitted or flared, loose or ribbed, or even in a retro fabric, there's something wonderfully straight-talking about donning a freshly-laundered wardrobe staple and wearing it yet another way.

Finding the perfect white tee is, for some, a lifelong endeavour.

For the Olsen twins, it was the sole reason for starting their now gargantuan fashion brand The Row. The general rule of thumb is that you want one that is deceptively flattering while also looking like you woke up like this. 

When it comes to fabrics, seek out natural fibres such as organic cotton and Tencel, which is crafted from wood cellulose.

Be mindful of fit and keep your own body shape in mind when purchasing – capped sleeves can be off-putting for someone looking to elongate arms.

And once you find a style that suits? Stock up. This is a staple that will never date.


Organic cotton T-shirt, €19.99, available at Mango.com

& Other Stories 

Boxy Organic Cotton Tee, €19, available at Stories.com


Crew neck T-shirt, €12, available at Arket.com


Round-neck T-shirt Regular fit, €6.99, available on hm.com


Oversized round neck T-shirt, €17, available at Cosstores.com

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